Help. Not hurt.


I truly believe our purpose in life is to help one another. Help someone who is down or having a rough time. It could be with work/school, if they’ve fallen (literally or mentally) or even just by opening the door for them. I feel the most sorry for people who kick others while they’re down. To hurt someone who is already hurting has got to be the lowest point in ones life. Hurting someone isn’t always so literal, it could be enabling or pushing them in the wrong direction with intensions that are not so pure. Always stand by someone who stands with you and not against you.


11 thoughts on “Help. Not hurt.

  1. I completely agree and only wish our society was founded on this principle as opposed to the ‘me first’ attitude we’re encouraged to have. When I was a tad younger (I’m still pretty young tbf!) and there were heaps of toxic people around me, they’d often accuse me of not being a ‘real person’ because I’ve always tried to act morally.
    As if I’m a robot or something! It’s amusing how many people justify their own selfishness but we always need people like you to call them out and make them think.

    • It’s horrible that you were accused of that. People always associate kind people with being fake. It’s actually really sad. It’s disappointing that me or you caring about people (family, friends, strangers, homeless people… Everyone) is considered to be a flaw in today’s world. I always get “spoken to” by people around me because I’m “too nice” to random people. Isn’t that a good thing? Aren’t we all here to encourage eachother. If I can help in anyway, I do. Mainly because it’s a feel good and also because one day I’ll need that in return and I believe in karma. But I also truly believe that if you have nothing to offer someone you need to walk away and prevent more hurt for both side. That doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you strong enough to help yourself and the other by knowing who’s best suited for your life.

    • Truth has been spoken…
      today’s world : you’re nice and a person with a are “FAKE”
      and you hurt someone …’re real..

    • I send money each month to ‘Give Kids the World’. An organization in the manner of Make A Wish. Other things too but GiveKidsTheWorld was developed by Henry Landswirth who was in a Nazi Concentration Camp. Henry is old now but his story is inspirational and it sure beats trying to bring each other down.

      • That’s wonderful! You sound like a great person 🙂 I actually went to see. Concentration camp when I was in Germany. My heart broke. What a sad reality. I can’t even think about what those people lived through and how they felt. 😦

  2. You can only do your best. People are going to say and do what they choose. But it’s okay…as long as you give your very best and be a good neighbor to as many people as possible..the rest is not significant.

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