… and I’ll travel if I want to 🎈


So it’s official. My birthday travel plans are all booked!!!! It’s my birthday and I’ll travel if I want to…right?!

People always tell me I “travel too much” is that even possible? I’ve definitely slowed down in compassion to me circa 2013 haha so can I live? Let me live!

Well… Let’s start with what I’ve already mentioned. I’ve written about my Coachella plans on here (many, many times…excitement at an ultimate high) and since it is right around my birthday I’ve decided to make a really fun trip out of it. I had it all planned out but I have finally just confirmed my hotel accommodations and flight for my last destination!

This is what my itinerary is looking like:
April 14–> April 16 Venice beach, Los Angeles, California
April 16–> April 20 Indio, Palm Springs, California for Coachella
April 20–> April 24 Phoenix, Arizona
April 24–> April 26 San Fransisco, California

I honestly can’t even think straight! I’ve been to LA many times but somehow I find myself freaking out over going back. We rented a little cute house on Venice beach through airbnb because we’ve done the Hollywood thing so many times and just want to enjoy the beach vibes. We are renting a car and driving into Palm Springs where we have rented a house between all of us which was also through airbnb. It’s in Indio and says its “on fair grounds” which feels like an exaggeration but I’ll take it for the simple fact that it’ll be much easier to get my drunk self to and from the festival haha after all the chaos and ridiculousness I am flying to Phoenix to visit a friend of mine! She has a condo out there so I’ll be staying with her. I’m excited because I’ve never been to Phoenix and what’s better than having someone familiar with the place show you around? I’ll get to skip all the stuff I wouldn’t like to do because she knows just what I am fond of and what I dislike. On the 24th we are flying to San Fran and this is what I’m most excited for (I lied, Coachella is at the top of that list) but I am certainly looking forward to seeing that beautiful Golden Gate Bridge up close and personal. We are staying at the Hilton in Union Square which from what I hear is in a great location. Since i’m an “Expedia +” member I was treated with a really good price for this stay. Usually it is $449 American per night but I got it for $225 Canadian per night. It definitely pays off to use the same outlet for all of my travels because I get great rewards from it. Well, I already have visuals of the pictures I want/need while I’m out there haha it’s also so very exciting because 3/4 places I’m going to, I’ve never been to. Add in that it’s mine and my friends birthday and I guess you can say that it’s a recipe for the most perfect time ever!

Does anyone have any recommendations of things I need to do/see while I’m out there. I am fairly familiar with Los Angeles (still open to suggestions though) but suggestions everywhere else would be of great help! Does anyone have any vacations planned?

Ps. Didn’t use United for any of these travels for they are the most unprofessional airline of all time and I advise everyone to avoid them if they can! 🙂


22 thoughts on “… and I’ll travel if I want to 🎈


    Once I’m rich, I’m gonna rub my wealth in your face and out cool you. Just watch.

      • Keep that offer going until someone hires me for a job that I apply for and I am there! I’ve started looking overseas because the UK, frankly, sucks.

          • Psht, you can have it. I’m getting my Canadian friend to find me suitable jobs for me in Toronto, so then I can move there. And she and her boyfriend move next door to me. And we just hang out. I’m still trying to negotiate her paying for all my rent and food, but I’m quite optimistic that she’ll change her mind on that part.

              • She didn’t take much to convince me to think about it. She literally said, “your accent will get you ladies”. I was already packing my bags, didn’t even think about the flight costs. I am but a simple man.

                  • I feel like I should go all out, like have a cup of tea and raise my pinky finger. And then talk about how I’m bff’s with the Queen. Probably say I’m the illegitimate child of Prince Charles when he went for a cheeky stag night in Asia but passed it off as a “Royal Event”.

  2. Will this be your first Phoenix adventure?? Two of my sisters lived out there for awhile and I made many trips! 🙂

    • Yes it’s my first time! I can’t wait to see it. I’ve heard such great things. Do you have any “must does” while
      I’m there ?! I’ve already created a list haha 🙂

  3. Hmm, definitely check out the Arizona State campus area in downtown Phoenix, it is absolutely gorgeous and has some great shopping. The zoo is pretty epic, though I am a sucker for zoos and animals in general 😛 They have some pretty great parks that you can just wander around in people watching and such. Umm, one time when I visited we went here: http://rawhide.com/ It was really neat! Those are the only things I can think of off the top of my head. They have some beautiful lakes outside of Phoenix too, and tubing adventures that involve being lazy and drinking on the river…hehe.

  4. Hi there! Your trip sounds great. I live in San Fran and would love to give you some tips but I don’t really know anything about you! Great hotel you are staying at. I live in the neighborhood by the Golden Gate Bridge (the marina) and i for sure recommend checking that out. Lots of great shops and restaurants and not touristy at all.

    • Thank you so much!!! I wasn’t sure if I should be staying in that area because we are both first timers over there but I tried to do some review reading before I booked. Im so glad you said it’s great! How far is the marina away from where I’ll be staying? I’ll definitely check it out. Do you have any restaurants I should try? I’m such a foodie and I’m not picky at all!

      • SF is a pretty small city so downtown to marina is about a 15/20 min cab ride. If you are a foodie and want an out of control experience then I suggest State Bird Provisions. Reservation required but I guarantee you have never had a meal like it. In my hood I love Delarosa and A16. There are soooo many yummy places to eat in SF but definitely stay away from tourist trap restaurants in union square and Fishermans wharf.

        • Just checked out that place, looks and sounds incredible. Im going to make reservations! I’ll look into Delarosa and a16 too. For sure goin to stay aWay from the tourist stuff. Thank you so much ! 🙂

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