Gym observations


I’m writing this as I sit on my spinning bike waiting for my instructor to get here and start this class for its scheduled time of 5:15 pm. I have somehow managed to get to the gym at 4:15 and do the stepper so that I was done before class. I started doing that for my “gluteus” hahaha aka my bum. Lord knows I need all the gym I can get because of how much I fluctuate in weight. As soon as I hit my goal or get close to it I find myself binge eating pasta like a slob. Anyway, as I was on the stepper trying to my mind my own business I thought about all the annoying things that come with going to the gym. Never mind the actual process of working out…let’s factor in that I see way too many people I’d rather not see when I look half dead with sweat dripping down me. I’m not one of those “cute girls” who come to the gym with matching head bands to their top and tights and runners with neon something on them. They always somehow never sweat… Do you notice that? I appreciate those people for having the energy and strength to care but I’ve just never been that person. I definitely fit the homeless description a little more. Anyway… I very much dislike the constant eye contact the guy next to me was making. Not because he was “creepy” or made me feel uncomfortable because he was by no means any of those things. It was especially annoying because I’m one of those people who literally doesn’t know how to not talk. Could you imagine how difficult it was for me to stay focused on my gluteus hahaha (can’t even say that with a serious tone) when there’s such a friendly faces around. Ugh. Also to add to that, the only class that I genuinely love and have seen such great results with so far has a new addition and it’s especially in this case not someone I want to see while i’m in this state.

What. A. Struggle.

Yes, this is what some of my friends call “Stella problems” because they’re really not problems at all hahaha okay class is starting and I can pretend to stop looking busy writing a “work email”


15 thoughts on “Gym observations

  1. Who would have thought that one day people would need to have a instructor for “stationary bike riding” lol
    haha…. sorry I’m just laughing now that I think about it. Hopefully by now you know that I’m just a wise a** and not take it offensively, because if you do (I can’t offer you a tissue over the internet) lmao
    Well do your spin

    • Hahaha it’s actually it’s intense than it sounds and there’s music and someone to motivate you to do your best! Im the best at working out when there’s someone pushing me! Try the class. I promise it’s a lot more difficult than you’d think. It burns 400-600 calories per class!!! It’s okay though, I’m not sensitive with this stuff. I can stand being made fun of lol I make fun myself most of the time !!!

        • Hahaha i’m sure you can do it. The first time I did it I hated my life. I couldn’t even walk the next day. Now I come 3-4 times a week and have been doing so for close to 3 months. I love it! I think I’m getting more and more used to it so I’m pretty confident in my spinning abilities hahaha I’ll be riding around on a bike during the summer for sure this year!

  2. Hm. I noticed confidence helps. If everyone’s standing around looking like their busy. I will usually jump right in and start doing sprints before class starts to skip the chit chat and look tougher. My friend got me into spin before I started chasing cars on my bicycle.

    • I should have taken that approach. Instead I decided to complain about it on here hahah then I wonder why I struggle. Thanks for the motivation, I’ll try that tomorrow.

      • At least you’re trying. Don’t buy the shoes though. Its a waste they were about a hundred. I was like, wait no thats gas money to my next race. I had a pace buddy too someone with a similar tempo. The climbs work your butt. Did they show how to adjust everything? My rule of thumb is I should be able to change positions by the next beat of the song.

        • Only a couple of people on my class have the shoes. I actually find it comfortable with my regular ones! We do a lot of climbing most days but sometimes the instructor focuses too much on other things. I usually like to keep my intensity high and skip out when they flush. They showed me on my first class and then in January again because we for new bikes. The new ones feel like I’m riding on a cloud!! Haha changing positions is not so difficult from the bike…. If it’s difficult it’s cause my body has had enough. Thanks so much for the tips and advice!! πŸ™‚

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