Day 2. Meaning of my blog name


Day 2 of my 30 day challenge is to explain my blog name. Well let me start off by saying this is going to be a lengthy one so excuse me. I also want to add in that I’m a sucker for music. I’ve stated that before in past posts but I feel like it’s only appropriate to add that to my 30 day challenge haha. I love songs with meaning and lyrics that are relatable, not just to the present me or the past me but what I assume future me will appreciate too. Years and years ago, long before Adele was as famous as she is now, I listened to her music on repeat (much like I do with Banks now) and always loved how it made me feel and think. The first time I ever heard her song “Hometown Glory” was the first time I knew that this talented young lady was going to be even more famous than I would have guessed. The lyrics stuck with me; I don’t know why. I think the reason was partly because of the way my life was going then and partly because it gave me hope in more ways than most songs I had been listening to. It really made me believe in people and in finding comfort in where I was and where I was headed. You could tell in her voice that she meant what she was singing and that to me is the most pure way of sharing a talent. It’s so real. Anyway, before I continue, I want to share the song and the lyrics with you incase you haven’t heard it.



“Hometown Glory”

I’ve been walking in the same way as I did
Missing out the cracks in the pavement
And tutting my heel and strutting my feet
“Is there anything I can do for you dear? Is there anyone I could call?”
“No and thank you, please Madam. I ain’t lost, just wandering.”

Round my hometown
Memories are fresh
Round my hometown
Ooh the people I’ve met
Are the wonders of my world

I like it in the city when the air is so thick and opaque
I love to see everybody in short skirts, shorts and shades
I like it in the city when two worlds collide
You get the people and the government
Everybody taking different sides

Shows that we ain’t gonna stand shit
Shows that we are united
Shows that we ain’t gonna take it
Shows that we ain’t gonna stand shit
Shows that we are united

Round my hometown
Memories are fresh
Round my hometown
Ooh the people I’ve met
Are the wonders of my world
Of my world

It captures all that is real and wonderful in this world. She highlights the greatness of people. The diversity through the connections we make with the people that we meet. You can feel at home (whether it be your actual home or a place that gives you that ease) by simply remembering all the people you’ve made connections with. She sings about how everything was so calm in the place that she was in. How familiar places and familiar faces are going to stay with her forever. In a world where almost everything is a race, it’s very rare that people sit down to remember and appreciate things. I think that is the reason she is asked by someone if she is lost… because she’s just wandering and remembering. I relate because I often am day dreaming or thinking and other people just look at me strange. It’s takes me to another world, my imagination of all the things I want or memories take over and I start to lose focus. It isn’t a concern; I’m just thinking. I think when she talks about the people and the government colliding she is referring to the division we create by taking opposing sides. She expresses that by not taking shit, we stand united and balance each other out. Everything comes together.

Sorry for the novel but I needed to elaborate on my perception of the song to explain the rationale of my blog name. When I heard the lyrics “wonders of my world” I understood exactly what feeling she meant. Apparently that domain was already taken so I played with the words a little bit. Anyway, I knew what I wanted my blog to be about and that it would be a lot of different things that I felt and was interested in. Therefore, they all would be the little wonders of my world. I wanted to create my own “Hometown Glory” and the things I post about are what make me feel at home.




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