Speaking with friends.

I can’t explain my frustration with people who lie for no reason. Sometimes, the very odd times I can understand why the truth is bent or twisted. It is very rare that I accept a liar in my life. Someone who constantly lies about the dumbest stuff. Usually I don’t need or have to deal with people like that because I just keep my distance but it’s hard to “stop talking” to someone who’s been in my life for a long time because of it. There’s a song out there that quotes “there’s a whole long of things that I will forgive but I just can’t take a liar” and I think it’s time to acknowledge that this person is seriously just…well, a liar? Sometimes you just get to a certain point to say how many more times can we do this? I love the people in my life but I vent. Lord knows I need to because my mind track is not very similar to some of theirs. I act and react on my emotions. I say how I feel even if it isn’t always nice but I truly believe that it’s better to be honest than fake. The truth that draws a tear over a lie that draws a smile. Any day. Everyday. Always.

Anyway, I was venting to one of my bests about it just a little bit ago and a very valid point was made. I always thought I had been lied to because people felt I was either untrustworthy or because they thought I’d judge (which I do, wish I wasn’t judgemental but I have some serious issues when it comes to people who don’t know any better) anyway, here he is reminding me that I’m not the issue here.

Food. For. Thought.



Amen. So many Amens. Haha.

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