Day 3. Facts about me


Day 3 of my 30 day challenge is to somehow figure out a way to write facts about me. I am already stuck and I haven’t even started lol some of the stuff I list off may be obvious and not “facts” because they’ll kind of be memories haha I hope I don’t scare you. I guess I should just begin and stop blabbing…

1. My name is Stella. (Hahaha off to a bad start). It means star in Italian and my moms best friend named me.

2. I was born into a Catholic Assyrian family in Baghdad Iraq on April 28, 1988. Life was difficult for my parents because of our religion conflicting with the Muslim culture so they had to flee to Italy when I was a few months old. By the time I was two we lived in Greece. In August of 1995 (when I was 5) we moved to Toronto, Canada. It’s been a blessing since.

3. I’m stubborn like a bull…but in my defence I only fight for what I believe in 100%

4. I care too much. It is both a blessing and a curse.

5. I don’t think any company is better than my own. I like to be in my own space.

6. I adore people who aren’t caught up in “image” (aka looks) and I wish I was one of them. I obsess over how I can change myself everyday. It’s draining. From the bottom of my heart, I am thankful everyday that not everyone can be as judgey about me as I am towards myself. Hopefully I’ll eventually stop. Easier said than done.

7. I love food. People say I’m picky but I think the proper word is particular. I was born in a family that cooks with a lot of spices so a lot “white people food” (sorry for my ignorance) aka Canadian dishes taste bland and “pointless” to me. I try everything once but if I don’t like it, that’ll be the last.

8. I’ve had the same group of best friends since elementary school. They drive me nuts but it’s a love to hate and hate to love kind of feel.

9. I am creative. I learn by watching. I am a visual and hands on learner. If I see something, it’s rare that I can’t duplicate it. My friends sometimes refer to me as “Stella of all trades” because I truly can fix almost anything lol (don’t mean to toot my own horn but… Toot… Toot).

10. When I was 4 I was a “missing child” in Greece. I went to the zoo with my uncle and sister. On the way out I wanted to see more and they were ready to leave. I decided my only option was to run away hahaha my stubbornness lead me to being alone until the cops found me. My dad nearly killed my uncle. Poor guy. Oops.

11. I was hit by a car on my 16th birthday. Literally. I was crossing the street to meet my father and a car going 60 mph hit me. I landed on the island. My initial reaction was to get up and stand because I was so embarrassed people would have seen me lol I then fell and hit my head and blacked out. Luckily God saved my life and I was released from the hospital in time for prom LOL.

12. I think I have commitment issues. That’s quite the bomb to drop. I’m not sure if that’s too personal lol but for some reason relationships freak me out. I can’t say I’ve ever been in love (other than with pets or destinations…. Or food lol). I’ve loved. I mean, the person that he was/is. But I’ve never been in love. I don’t even know why, I have always had loving parents and a family that never neglected me and somehow I still have troubles with the whole concept.

13. I’m the type of person who wants you to love what I love but then when you love it I remind you that I introduced you lol I think the proper word for that is possessive. I am possessive over the things I love. Yeah, that sounds about right.

14. I love to talk. I will talk about anything. As you can tell. I am also very opinionated. I love debates and I love picking at people’s brains. I talk too much and sometimes I can imagine that people probably think I talk just to hear my own voice hahaha

15. I am a great friend. If I am confident in one thing in my life, it is that. I will bend over backwards for the people I love. I’ll give them hell if its at an inconvenience to me but I am always there (sometimes too available haha). With that being said, I still always need a thank you at the end of it. I admire (demand) appreciation and respect.

16. I am generous. What’s mine is yours. I have had help in more ways than I could ever even begin to explain. I have so many generous people around me that it’s all I’ve ever known. I have a hard time with cheap people and they automatically translate to greedy in my brain. I love helping other people. I get a sense of satisfaction when I know I have put a a smile on someone’s face and heart.

17. I love to travel. I even have a tattoo which says wanderlust that I got with my best friend (I have
3 in total). I want to see the whole world. I want to meet people on all ends of this earth and embrace in their cultures and traditions. Some days I wake up and have a craving to go to LA, Nyc, Miami or Vegas and other days I want to jump on a plane and do a safari through Africa. Obviously that also is easier said than done lol (See what I did there? I made this two facts hahaha).

18. I have a sponsor child. His name is Fedele Lampo and he is from Tanzania. We exchange letters. He is the most terrific drawer and a future mathematician. He is now 14 years old. I plan on traveling to see him when he’s 18 (God willing it is safe).

19. I am extreme. I am either all in or all out. I don’t know or get grey. Always black or always white. If I like something, I’m obsessed. If I don’t like something, I’m done. It is with everything. Work, exercise routines, food, music, hair style, writers, weather, clothes….etc. I usually get called out on it too. An example could be spinning. From the minute I tried it, I loved it. Frankly, I’m obsessed. Before that was the stair master. I love something until I love something more. I dislike (or hate…yes I used that word) something until I find something I dislike more.

20. I am so competitive. I even compete with myself. I tell myself I have to beat my last record or I have to win. I’m competitive but I’m not a sore loser. I honestly never enter anything unless i’m confident that I’ll win. I mean, ya I’ll elaborate on why I don’t think I won but I still half ass congratulate the person who did hahaha

(bonus because I suck at limits which is also a fact)

21. I have a niece that I literally love more than anyone and anything in this world. She is the sweetest most precious baby ever. When I see her, she instantly smiles and it makes me feel so happy. I feel like God must’ve spent a little more time on her (LOL Nsync) but I mean it, she is perfect in every sense of the word and I’m not surprised because she has parents who are exactly the same.

So as you may have gathered, I’m a little bit of a head case hahaha here I was acting like I couldn’t think of 20 facts about me but the truth is I not only exceeded that, I can definitely come up with 20 more. I love nothing more than reflecting and boy did I ever do just that. I feel like by the end of this 30 day challenge, I’ll have a novel I wrote to myself about myself lol sorry for getting so detailed. I always get carried away…


27 thoughts on “Day 3. Facts about me

  1. Love your list!! You did much better than me on today’s challenge 🙂 I can safely say that I would love to hang out with you and we have a lot of similarities (100% for 4 6 9 16 and 17!!) Your creativity is awesome. And as you may already realize. Where you love to talk…I love to listen lol

  2. It is very loving of you to sponsor a child from Tanzania. I am sure every letter you send Fedele means a lot to him and I have feeling he would love it if you visit him when he turns 18 if not sooner. You mentioned about safety in Tanzania. I know you hear a lot of sad and sometimes horrific stories from Africa. Tanzania, however, is one of the most peaceful and politically stable countries in Africa. To add to that, due to its stability, Tanzania is usually picked as an investment model for the rest of the Africa. Hope this gives you a some comfort.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. It is such a good feeling when I received or send letters. Love learning that about Tanzania. That’s definitely comforting!! 💛😊

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