I just tried my first ever home made Turkey burger and it was delicious! I used lettuce wraps instead of bread (lent problems) and I topped it with cheese, onions, jalapeños, tomatoes, mustard, ketchup and the smallest little portion of garlic mayo. Ugh. I wanted to avoid the mayo but it was just so damn good. I also went to the gym again and did the stepper for 20 minutes and my spinning class for another 45. We had a new instructor and at first I was annoyed because I hate change hahaha but she kicked our butt and that is all I can ask for when trying to change my body. I also made myself sit in the sauna for 15 minutes which was relaxing. I managed to make a few friends hahaha i’m never not talking.

So far my New Years resolution has been promising and day two of lent has been easy.

6 thoughts on “Dinner

    • I have only have that from in n out hahaha but since I can’t eat bread this is what I’ve decided to do and im actually really happy with the result!

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