Day 4. Earliest childhood memory.


Day 4 of my 30 day challenge is to write about my earliest childhood memory. The photo I have attached above isn’t what I’m going to write about but I just wanted to share the bond my father and I had. It may seem weird but in Greece that behaviour was completely acceptable hahaha anyway, I used to have great long term memory but lately I’ve noticed that I’m very forgetful and it makes me kind of upset! I do remember a lot though. It’s like, I remember so much from my childhood and I forgot about everything between 14 all the way through to yesterday hahaha. I remember times from before I could even speak, I swear. I remember when we lived in Greece and how much I was a daddy’s girl. I adored the man (I still do, so much) and I just wanted to be around him because he made me feel proud to be his daughter. Everyone loved my parents (they still do) so I felt obligated to let them know that they were mine even though they knew for themselves haha. I remember one time specifically I was sitting with my parents friends and I went over and went to whisper in my “babas” (Assyrian for dad) ear. I couldn’t speak but I just wanted to speak to him. I remember just saying a few of the words that I knew (in greek) but he would reply so that it looked like we had this elaborate conversation going. Back then I believed that his friends all thought I had so much to whisper but now I obviously know they just played along like we do with the young ones. I don’t know why this stood out to me because I could think of a million other times that I remember but I think this could be the earliest since I know for a fact I couldn’t talk yet. It was a simpler time (obviously haha I was a toddler) and it’s not definitely very interesting especially in comparison to the type of trouble I got myself into as a child. I remember when I was 3 I took a dare from my older sister and got hospitalized for a month hahaha but that’s for another time. My poor parents, I was the worst. I apologize that my memory was not an exciting one hahaha but it has me feeling “some type of way” right now. I’m going to bug my parents!

Here is a photo of them side by side from when they were in their twenties. They are truest gems.



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