Isn’t it so true that all the negative people always automatically see the negative in others. Most people who question other people’s motives or accuse other people of being “fake” because they’re too nice are usually the same people who can’t trust themselves. The positive people always chose to see the good in others. Never realizing that not everyone has the purest intentions like them. I struggle between these two sides based on my days but I would definitely say I lean much more to seeing the good in others. I always have a tough time with differentiating people who I want to see good in vs people who are actually just so darn good! Haha xx

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  1. I’m going to offer a psychological “theory” lol to this. It is really not that complicated, and certainly wouldn’t even require an undergraduate degree in psychology to figured this out. (SORRY..I DIGRESS)
    There is so much I would like to write about this but I will keep it short. The reason why good people usually find themselves as the victim of another, is the same reason why a harmful person accuses a innocent person of wrongdoing. In general we tend to project onto others our thoughts and understandings.
    Look into false-consensus effect or false-consensus bias

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