I’m thinking it over…


I used to need to bite my tongue from addressing these things but now it just comes natural to me. I notice everything, I’m self aware. I notice when there’s silence in places that were never quiet before. I notice the comments people make or how things are worded. I notice people’s behaviours towards me when their feelings (both good or bad) change towards me. I notice everything, I’ll never not notice. I also notice that not everything is worth addressing and more likely than not, it’s better to keep your observations to yourself and step back where you need to. Nothing should feel or be forced, it isn’t organic that way. xx

14 thoughts on “I’m thinking it over…

    • Haha this also is a blessing and a curse.
      It’s good to be self aware but it sucks sometimes when you know what other people are trying to say by their words or actions.

  1. I know what you are talking about. I am the same. But I have yet to step back and not approach it on certain occasions. It’s a learning curve I have to tackle still…

  2. I still struggle with not saying anything, but I completely understand what you’re talking about. Beautifully expressed! May we all be as wise in choosing what to speak out about.

    • I struggled a lot in the past but the way is it, they hardly deserve the recognition. I mean… Why even give those types of people that satisfaction. Id prefer to play it off like I haven’t noticed so that their efforts to make me feel little is returned. I don’t ever try to intentionally hurt someone but if I my silence is my way of myself myself I think I am okay haha they can sit with their thoughts !

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