Nicole’s baby shower 🌸

Today was my beautiful friend Nicole’s baby shower. She is such a great person so it was nice to share this special day with her and her lovely family. It was such a fun day filled with lots of love. There was many great prizes with awesome food. It sucks that I couldn’t eat any of the carbs (lent) but I still took a photo because I wanted to get the full visual for my post. Obviously everything was even prettier in person.

Instead of cards she requested books for her daughter on the way so I purchased a cute little book and since I left everything to last minute I just went with a gift card because her registry was wiped clean lol I just wanted to show off how pretty I wrapped it hahaha


As soon as we walked in we were greeted with this cute collage of Nicole (mama to be) and her equally great husband Rami (they’re really a perfect match). Also, very pretty balloon decorations and a seat chart. Obviously, I took pictures (I take a photo of everything if you haven’t noticed).




The decor was perfect for a baby shower and was detailed with a lot of pink since she is having a baby girl!



She had a nice table area set up with a candy station and I won’t confirm or deny that I took 3 cake pops to bring home for my family to enjoy.



The food was so delicious!







After dinner we played some games and surprisingly I won a prize for first to rsvp. I honestly didn’t think I stood a chance because I took a while to get back to her haha I felt so embarrassed. I don’t know why! I get so overwhelmed when there’s attention on me and the first thing I said when my name was announced was “Wow, I’m so eager” haha everyone laughed but my face turned red, I could feel it. My prize was a bottle of merlot and a lid topper that says “ours” and an individual “mine” for each wine glass. So cute!



We were asked to use the thread supplied on our tables to guess Nicole’s belly measurements. I was the closest at my table and definitely think I won because her friend was amazed at how close I was hahaha they didn’t announce my name though but I’m still convinced it’s because I already received a prize (competitive side of me is really showing right now). I truthfully just measured myself and expanded it a tiny bit for her tummy. She’s a petite girl so it worked out great.


Nicole is the sweetest, she asked everyone to write some advice for Rami so that when she’s in labour he will have something to do to keep himself occupied. Since I’ve never given birth or have any idea what it’s like to be a parent… I wrote this lol.


It reads
This is advice to help you throughout Nicole’s labour! (Because I know nothing about it).

1. Never take advice from me

Haha sorry, I suck!

Ps she’s going to be perfect like you two! xo

💛 Stella”

The ” she” i’m referring to is their daughter to be. I’m not sure if that’s clear hahaha

The day was beautiful and the open bar added even more fun to it hahaha my friends and I love our Funday Sunday’s so we took full advantage of this. I’m pretty sure I had anywhere from 6-7 mixed drinks (vodka water with a lime) and was one drink away from it taking a turn for the worst hahaha. Luckily it ended before I had a chance to get to the bar again. Yes, this is the kind of behaviour that I have at BABY showers.


However the most perfect moment of the day was when Nicole got up there and spoke. She is honestly one of the nicest people I know and I couldn’t even put into words how happy I am for her. She told us their story and how excited they both were to be parents. She showed us videos of how her and Rami had originally found out the sex of the baby. They had the doctor write it down on paper and she gave it to a baker. If they were having a boy, the inside of their cupcake would be blue. If they were having a girl, the inside of the cupcake would be pink. The video of the two of them finding out is such a beautiful moment and their daughter is going to feel so loved when she gets to see how excited they were. She also shared a video of how they told their families. They gave them gifts of bibs telling them they were expecting. It was so touching, I actually teared up seeing how one new life can change everyone else’s (I too understand because I have beautiful Eva who is the best niece ever). Her mom later explained to me that they had helped Nicole move so they thought it was a “thank you” gift haha that’s how they got away with giving random gifts and having nobody question them. I tried to get pictures of the video but it looks like quite the fail.




Oh my gosh I almost forgot! This is the beautiful mama to be Nicole




Last year I took a photo of my sister and her best friend who were both pregnant when they weren’t looking. I thought it was such a beautiful photo because it was so candid that it actually looked planned haha


And since Nicole is pregnant at the same time as her besty (and sister in law) Mouna I wanted to get a similar photo. This one was panned though! Haha.


I genuinely love this side of growing up. When the people in my life starting having babies and creating beautiful families. I have always prioritized differently because I decided long ago that traveling would be my focus in my twenties but this makes me want to reconsider. Hahaha no, I lied…it really doesn’t but I adore their happiness. Anyway, I should really do some reading for work tomorrow. Sorry for the overly long post.

Ahhh, Monday’s! I’m kind of happy to get back into the groove of things. Goodnight xx

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