8 thoughts on “The most powerful.

    • I think a lot of people struggle with that. Lord knows I have my days. I went into 2015 with the mentality that I need or no one else will and it’s been a much better year so far 💛 I hope you do that too

  1. It takes years to train yourself properly but now I’m in my 20’s I can safely say I looove myself haha, but only in a healthy self-care way, of course 😉
    (and maybe a ‘selfie’ way too)

    • Hahaha good! You seem like a lovely person so why shouldn’t you!!! I still have my days. I always associate loving myself with being confident and that I am not.

  2. Its funny because last night I was at a friends house and both him and his wife said something like “we love when you are around, you’re fun to be around” blah blah
    My response was, I’m glad that you and others enjoy my presence, and sometimes it feels like they are referring to someone else…. lol I wonder if they would feel the same being exposed to it 24/7 lmao

    • Im sure you’re lovely to be around! Others wouldn’t voice it if they didn’t mean it haha I think no matter what type of person you are, good or bad or inbetween people always tend to only want to be around any kind of personality in small doses haha so I don’t think anyone wants to be around someone 24/7!!

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