Day 7. 5 favourite foods. 

Day 7 of my 30 day challenge is to share my top 5 favourite foods and their recipes. Here’s the thing with that, all of my favourite dishes are so typical that sharing recipes would be pointless lol. They are all over the net and everyone replaces spices with their own and whatever else so I’ll just name them off. Sorry if that’s considered cheating haha I’ll also attach my personal pictures of my food. 

1. Rigatoni Bolognese. My favourite dish of all time. Something about all that meat and sauce over and inside of al Dante rigatoni just makes my belly and fat cells so happy haha 


2. Pizza. I mean, duh! How can anyone not love pizza. Everything about it is insanely good. I always like mine well done. I usually do pepperoni, hot peppers and green olives but I am open to just about any combination. I like thin crust, thick crust and I’ll even take deep dish. The only thing I can’t do is stuffed crust cause I’m overwhelmed by all of that cheese. A very tasty pizza that isn’t very traditional is one I kind of created myself. I mean, i’m sure it’s out there but this is perfect to my taste buds for the times I’m sharing with my vegetarian friend. We do a well done thin crust pizza with tomatoe sauce, goat cheese, red onion, sundried tomatoes and green olives. It is deadly. Try it, you’ll love it! Promise. 

3. Burgers. I’m talking every kind of burger. Beef, Turkey, chicken, fish… You name it, I love it. I mostly enjoy my beef burgers because I’m a beef addict but sometimes I like to spice it up by picking a different patty. I’m not crazy about veggie burgers and I would truthfully never order one but every other kind owns my heart. I am traditional with it, I always keep my toppings simple because if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it right? Right! Mustard, mayo, kethcup, lettuce, tomatoes and an over the top portion of onions (yes my breath is the worst after but that’s what gum and brushing is for). Yum…I’m getting hungry haha. 

4. Sushi. Yes. Yes. Yes. So much yes. Sushi is one of my favourite cuisines (or would that be called japenese) but it’s definitely something I have to be in the mood for. I love spicy food and sauces of all kinds. I love wasabi, obsessed with seaweed and rice had me at hello. A combination of everything with the option of shrimp or salmon (uncooked, hate cooked salmon) or just good old veggies is a recipe for deliciousness (don’t even think that’s a word). Anyway. Sushi gets me and I get it and that’s all there is really do it lol. 

5. Dessert. Does that count as “food” because in my mind it’s registered as “fun” hahaha. I love dessert. I can eat it every single, all day…no matter what. I love chocolate.I love cookies. I’ll do back flips for cake (you can imagine that this is an exaggeration because in no way can I ever do a back flip hahaha). I can’t quite put it into words but if I had to pick between anything and dessert…dessert is more likely than not going to win. I also feel as if it is a different compartment in our tummies so when people say “I’m too full for dessert” I automatically just don’t trust them. Liar! No one can be too full for heavenly bites of awesomeness. Anyway I don’t have a favourite flavour of dessert  but my favourite kind would have to be cake. As you can tell I go to the same place for dessert often haha. 

So yeah, I am a bit of a food addict or “foodie” and I’m proud of it. It sucks that my body clings on to fat because it prevents me from enjoying all of that goodness. I also have some favourite assyrian dishes but I don’t know the recipes and I’m not near my mom so I can’t be helpful.  lent just got hard again. A very tough and rough day ahead of me. Why did I do this to myself…

Ugh. xx 

6 thoughts on “Day 7. 5 favourite foods. 

  1. First: I totally agree with not trusting people who don’t have room for dessert. There is ALWAYS room for dessert. Nom! 🙂 Second: What in heaven is that second dessert???? The white one with chocolate on the plate. It looks so freaking delicious…well they all do actually.

    • I honestly don’t even remember. I go to this place near me (also my fav restaurant ever) and they always have different desserts. They come out with a platter and I point at the one I want hahah that was the chosen one for that night. I think it was cheesecake with vanilla and chocolate. I can’t remember but all I know is that it was insanely good and for 9 bucks a freaking slice I wouldn’t expect any different ! Haha

  2. I just looked at the picture again. It was an Oreo cookie and cream cheesecake and obvi I ordered a side of caramel cause I have no shame or self respect hahaha

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