Day 9. First celebrity crush. 

Day 9 of my 30 day challenge is to share my first celebrity crush. This one is tough for me because I actually don’t know hahaha. I remember when I was a kid my older sister loved Devon Sawa (from Casper) 

And because my older sister was the coolest person ever, I pretended he was mine too. The truth is, I never liked blonde haired boys. I have always been more into dark features. Anyway, I guess he was my first fake celebrity  crush hahaha. My real first real celebrity crush would have to be Kevin Richardson from the Backstreet Boys. While all the girls obsessed over Nick and Brian, I would collect all the Kevin posters and think about how dreamy he was. 

I guess that explains why I think older men are so attractive. Something about a beard makes any man super sexy hahaha. I’ve always been super into George Clooney (well, duh) but my biggest celebrity crush right now is my gorgeous dream husband Jason batemen. He is everything I’ve ever wanted and more!! Haha yum. 

Who are you celebrity crushes? 

20 thoughts on “Day 9. First celebrity crush. 

  1. Jason Bateman is awesome 😀 I’d say that in present day my biggest celebrity crush is Chris Pine (those eyes) or Chris Pratt (he’s so silly…and I love a guy with a great sense of humor) 🙂

    • Chris pine is so gorgeous it’s almost frightening. Im not familiar with Chris Pratt haha Jason Bateman is so perfect because he’s handsome and funny and cute and everything at once! I need humour more than anything.

  2. You are too funny & I am too old to even remember back that far! Maybe the fact that The Beatles made their first appearance in the USA when I was at “that” age… but I must say, too, that watching The Voice is exceptional with all of the Blake Shelton face time going on… <<>> You have me really thinking now! lol

  3. My very first crush was Randy Travis. I was 3 🙂 Then it was Lou Diamond Philips because La Bamba baby! But my first huge celebrity crush was Brad Pitt. I fell for him at the age of 10 and was a goner for the next 13 years. I still think he’s handsome, but I tend to sway more toward the tall, dark, and handsome types (think Matt Bomer, Eric Bana, Gerard Butler, Joe Manganiello). And a little scruff is always nice! Although, now that I think of it, my current favorite is Sam Heughan, and he’s tall, red, and scruffy, BUT he’s Scottish, and he’s beefy and ripped. Yeah, Sam Heughan 😀

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