16 thoughts on “A nation divided. Hahaha. 

  1. OMG… well of course Florida would be white & gold cause most of us are OLD. Is “61” really considered as old? If I only was better at geography and knew where Arizona actually is then I’d look to see if they’re black & blue or white & gold. This is nuts! If the colors of this dress was the only issue dividing us these days… <<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>> Thanks for keeping me laughing today 🙂

    • 61 is so not old! Hahaha I suck at geography too. The only places I know on this map are the ones i vacation to. It’s not so bad since I’m Canadian right ?! Thanks for doing the same! It’s been a funny morning haha

  2. Shit, I’m divided because last night I saw a black and blue dress and this morning, I saw a white and gold dress…

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