A nation divided. Hahaha. 

In regards to my last post hahaha this is all too funny and so ridiculous. 


16 thoughts on “A nation divided. Hahaha. 

  1. OMG… well of course Florida would be white & gold cause most of us are OLD. Is “61” really considered as old? If I only was better at geography and knew where Arizona actually is then I’d look to see if they’re black & blue or white & gold. This is nuts! If the colors of this dress was the only issue dividing us these days… <<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>> Thanks for keeping me laughing today 🙂

    • 61 is so not old! Hahaha I suck at geography too. The only places I know on this map are the ones i vacation to. It’s not so bad since I’m Canadian right ?! Thanks for doing the same! It’s been a funny morning haha

  2. Shit, I’m divided because last night I saw a black and blue dress and this morning, I saw a white and gold dress…

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