Am I losing it?

What colour is this dress?

It’s on Instagram and people are seeing it as white and gold but I see black and blue. My friends are discussing it now and I don’t know if I’ve completely lost it or if they’re messing with me haha. I’m flipping out!!! We were even more legitimately surprised that Kanye actually picked any of the options. Usually he’s trying to be so different. We thought for sure he’d say red or something completely random and follow it with a “us visionaries see things differently” just to start more drama and have people talking about him more hahaha. 

This is our conversation. Ignore all the “like” in it we use it way too often and one of us is a teacher. We also use “lmao” too often and it’s clear that I’m not laughing my ass off hahaha we are awful. 

This is what the celebs are saying…

39 thoughts on “Am I losing it?

    • This is crazy! Hahaha I don’t see white or gold at all. I honestly had a full blown argument with my sister and my friend cause I thought they were teaming up to annoy me and mess with me lol

  1. I’m seeing white & gold. At this exact moment in time they are talking about this on our local t.v. station, too! My friend who works on this newscast just said that he sees white & gold BUT his fiance saw black & blue. I wonder how she’ll look in her black/blue wedding gown. HAHA!!!

    • Hahaha I just said to my friend who sees it as white a gold “so you’re telling me If I wore that to your wedding you’d say I wore white to your wedding when I innocently picked out a black and blue dress” and she said “if you wore that to my wedding i’d be annoyed you decided to wear white on my big day” hahaha such a mind game

      • People are stupid. HAHAHA!!! How’s that for summing all of this together into one neat package? How much time have we all spent on this dumb topic? Now… let’s start discussing something REALLY important… like the llamas on the loose in Arizona yesterday. TOO FUNNY but I sat here watching it “LIVE” on t.v. for almost an hour!!! OMG.

        • Hahahah we spent way to much time and I haven’t even started work yet. I feel like I’m going to be fighting with a lot of coworkers today. Woah i didn’t know that was happening in Arizona hahaah

  2. I only see white and gold when the picture is at normal brightness when you turn your brightness down it turns blue black I think its how the brightness on your device interprets it as an output. The dress is white and gold thou 😉

  3. I think I’ll just wear a black and blue wedding gown if I ever get married since people see it as white anyway. Black and blue is more flattering to my body hahaha

  4. Just looked it up and they said its possibly how your brain interprets light and shade :-/ I asked my boyfriend and he said blue and purple so not sure where that came from lol

  5. I think we are all losing it.
    I had no idea what was going on, I met a friend this morning and he showed me the dress and asked my what colour was the dress. I looked at him and said “It’s clearly white and gold!” He looked at me bewildered and said “NO! Of course it is blue and black”.
    For a second I thought he was kidding, but ironically enough he wasn’t, and even worse he told me that one of the reasons people see white and gold (like I did) it is because they are getting old and their eye lenses can’t see the colour blue as clearly as they should. So that’s that. I am old! I clearly see white and gold and most people I asked see blue and black, and please I won’t even consider those that see blue and gold which is hilarious!
    xo, LittleShadow

  6. Ok buzzfeed have shown the person that owns the dress wearing it in different lighting and its deffinaty blue black in that lightimg just not im this 🙂 go on buzzfeed its on there 🙂

  7. Now this is really funny – Fox News is talking about the llamas on the lloose and the question came up… “But are the llamas white & black or blue & gold?” “Are there one or two llamas on the lloose?”

  8. Hey, I was just “like” thinking… ouch! My poor brain! hahaha… anyhow… if this has to do with old eyes then … well, I’m going to my friends’ son’s wedding in April. A LOT of the guests are going to be OLD. When Brit comes walking down the aisle in her white gown, will all of the old prune-lipped ladies be whispering… look at that hussy in her black & blue gown! Or, if Kanye is there he might be running up to the altar yelling… WHY YOU WEARING THAT RED DRESS??? Thoughts that enter my brain these days are just downright scary. lol

  9. This is the strangest thing I have ever seen. It’s white and gold. I have always thought the way people see color is so different. I am a hair colorist and I have clients come in and say they feel like a red head and what I’m seeing is someone who has like shrek green hair. It’s so bizarre

    • Hahaha it is blue and black!!! I don’t see any gold or white at all. Kudos to you, I could never colour people’s hair. I would ruin it and cry hahaha so much pressure !!

  10. I’m convinced it’s a conspiracy and everyone that says it’s white and gold are in on the joke!
    My mind has never been so boggled over a dress

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