When my horoscope=my life. 

     I’m spending my Friday night in bed. I love when I get to relax and have no commitments to anyone or anything haha. I decided that I’d Google my horoscope because I haven’t in forever and oddly enough it is totally relatable. This is what I read…

Ruts be damned — you’re going to break that rusty cage this year, Taurus! 2015 is all about releasing the dross from your life so that you can embrace some glorious new horizons. Letting go is your least favorite endeavor, and yet you’ve nearly achieved mastery. You’ve been there and done that when it comes to enduring the pain that ensues from clinging too tightly. You’re learning to appreciate what you have in the moment, count your blessings and stay present in the gratitude of what is rather than what was or what could be. This is a year to make your existing structures stronger and expand on your fabulous vision. Magic is yours for the making in 2015! 

This is also a year for reconnecting to your roots of strength and creativity in preparation for a steamy little romantic cycle that kicks off this August. Pleasure and love are yours in great abundance from late summer until well into 2016, so savor every second! This good fortune in your love department comes but once every 12 years, so you don’t want to miss it by remaining stuck in your loyal zone of duty and responsibility. Give yourself permission to break free for those late summer months to truly indulge in the goodness that life insists on delivering in a major way. 

I know people usually try to relate to their horoscopes but I actually can’t begin to express how much this freaked me out. I actually had a conversation with someone earlier  today about how I had to detach myself from them. This isn’t because  he is anything short of great as a person and has been to me but because I really confided in this person way too much and it got to a point where I could feel that it got weird. I kind of got an ultimatum today and because I have openly admitted to maybe having commitment issues, I obviously chose to let it go rather than to do what was needed in order to keep what was there. I had to explain why I became the way I am now. 

Here’s some of the conversation of me trying to explain it all. There’s more to it but it’s overly strange sharing all of it haha 

I went on to say that I’m really glad that I did because I wasn’t being my complete self. I never saw myself in that state because I was actually in denial over it haha but now being on the outside of that mentality, I feel so much better. It was so difficult for me to ever have imagined letting go of those emotions but I actually did it and I couldn’t be happier. Holding on to things you want to be true are a complete waste of time. It’s always sad when you have to tell someone you care and they don’t believe you. I found myself caring and always having to defend that I did because I was accused of not caring. Anyway, I know I’m not some supermodel with the world to offer but I’m a damn good person and I am so genuine that anyone who questions it obviously doesn’t know me that well. It took a while for me to realize that too. I now see and actually feel that I can bring a lot of greatness to someone’s life when I’m just being me/not being on the defence all the time and I have to admit that it is one of the most liberating feelings in the world. It wasn’t that this person didn’t tell me all these great things about me, I just felt that I had to be more of the mold he wanted than be myself to be all of those great things and that’s absolutely no way to live. It’s actually kind of disturbing looking back at how much I tried to edit myself lol. The converstion was kind of left at a “I’ll see you around” but I know that what’s done is done. I never wrote it down on paper but part of my New Years resolution was to really try to find myself-the core of my being (as dramatic as it sounds) and so far this year I really have. I’m kind of excited to see what’s in store! Haha. Anyway, enough with the mushy mushy haha I’ll be back for my 30 day challenge tomorrow! 


32 thoughts on “When my horoscope=my life. 

  1. I can relate on the letting go of someone you had a deep indescribable thing with. Hope you cope with it all sooner rather than later 🙂

    As if I didn’t make a joke. I’m rather impressed! Wait. That was a joke. Shit. And again because I’ve said shit. Oh man. That too! FUCK. AND THAT. Forget it, I give up.

    • LOL. You’re the funniest!

      I think I actually let go wayyyy before i verbalized it. I got a little too attached for a little over a year but I’ve also been unattached for a long time now too haha it’s the weirdest situation that I never thought I’d be part of. I feel really good actually and if I wasn’t already feeling good about it I probably wouldn’t have been ready to write it down. I was never in a relationship or anything close to it hahaha just a special friendship bond I guess you could call it. Nothing takes away from the great people in our lives but there isn’t a better feeling than knowing you’re better off without some of them. I hope you are doing well with it 🙂

      • I was in that same position! I called it frelationship though. Still getting over cutting her off but it was for the best and I’m pretty confident she’s happier for it so that eases it a bit for me. Though horoscopes don’t really bother me, to put that nicely I’m intrigued to see if you do go on a weird rampage in August. If you find that future guy funnier than me I’ll be annoyed. Purely for prideful reasons. If that happens I’m gonna email him all the comments you sent me about how funny I am. Just to show him who’s. I’m gonnaguess that his name will be Diego. If you meet him, you know what to do.

        • Glad you two worked it out!! I’m intrigued too. I usually find horoscopes to be so strange but this one kind of hit home. August is perfect timing because it makes for a fun carefree summer hahaha I don’t know, It annoys me that I find you funny because I don’t really find anyone that funny regardless of how many times I use “haha” Hahahaha (see that ones for reals) who is Diego?!? And what’s your name? Hahaha is it seb? Feel like I know you and not knowing your name other than your blog name is odd! Haha

          • Diego is gonna be August horoscope guy! I’ve made that prediction. Seb’s an alias and not my real name, Diego isn’t my real name either so you can be heartbroken/rejoice! Meh, we’ll hang out one day in some crazy ass meeting, seeing as we have not normal lives, at the very latest at OAP Coachella.

              • Name’s Sami. Secret’s dead now haha! Just do the alias because though I don’t really care if people I know who I haven’t shown it to figures out that it’s my blog, but idr rather not encourage it to be found. It’s cool! Ironic if you get with a Sami (different one) instead of a Diego. Actually that’s fine. But I’m the funnier Sami.

                • Hahaha great name. I haven’t met a Sami so that would def be ironic. Let’s be real, I highly doubt I’ll meet anyone in August hahaha but we shall see. My name is Stella 💁

                  • I already knew your name! Clearly I am the more loving one this is blog friendship. Wow. Just gonna sit in the corner and cry. Excuse me.

                    • P.S If you’re doubting that you’ll meet anyone because it’s a reference of that you don’t think you can attract anyone, then I’m only going to not facepalm if you live with all the hottest A-List celebrities from the world and you have a job as an overworked pizza delivery girl. Or something. Basically, stop it. Guys will queue up. You basically decide who’s good enough for you rather than the other way around. God Stephanie, (Did that on purpose, don’t freak) as if you made me do the lovey serious pep talk. I prefer insulting people and making them regret why they’re friends with me in the first place.

                    • Hahaha i don’t think it’s because of that. Everyone has someone who Wants them … I just am too picky even when I shouldn’t be. Im also freaked out by relationships. I don’t really know. Thanks for the very kind (I think??) words tho Matthew ! You’re too sweet 🙂

                    • Relationships doesn’t have to be a necessity, but your happiness is. If that’s an aspect of that or not it’s cool! You already knew all that so what I said was a waste of time. Matthew!? Man, that name does not fit me at all. Airport security would have even more reason to search me. Go figure.

                    • Hahahaha I feel very content. Matthew is such a white boy name but so is Stephanie so I guess an eye for an eye?! Airport security hates me. I get drilled everytime. It’s cause I’m brown 👧

                    • You have never watched Game of Thrones? Oh man. I feel like you should set aside your next weekend for that. Trust me.

                    • I haven’t and I have zero interest in that show hahaha I honestly have a really hard time getting into any show and then staying interested. I haven’t ever watched a series til the end. 😔🙊🙈

                    • Gimme a few years to get famous. Then we shall see. I expect you to wear all my merchandise in true over the top fan style.

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