An Open Letter to the Man Who Told Me I Was Too Fat

Really enjoyed reading this. I Can totally relate to this because I too have had body image struggles. I too have lost weight to feel pretty (now I want to just be healthy) and I too once did it for others where now I do it for myself. Thanks for sharing!

We Great Pretenders

Dear Sir,

I would like to begin by saying that I do not hate you. I am slowly but surely finding my way to feeling nothing but indifference for you, which makes this letter much easier to write. Many women, perhaps women who are more secure with themselves than I was when I met you, would have cast your words aside and quickly deemed you an asshole. But I was naïve and insecure and 18 years old, so I allowed myself to buy into what you told me, I put stock into your “wisdom.” For this reason, I cannot hate you, because the effect your words had on my life is due partly to my own doing. I allowed what you said to effect me deeply and profoundly, allowed you to change the way I was beginning to think of myself.

The reason I am writing this letter is to…

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