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  1. And boys also think that girls say no but they don’t actually mean it. They are looking to be chased. They are looking for their walls to be dismantled.

    And it is disconcerting and harmful attitude.

    When five guys are chasing a girl, she will say no to at least four or even all the five. Women are human and have choices.

  2. As a parent with the empty nest, I wonder how y’all do it these days. These lessons were tough back in the 70’s and 80’s. The biggest word is “respect” – without respect for oneself, there is no respect for others. Our pastor referred to this exact topic as a sideline of his message on Sunday. He also admonished any of our congregation who chose to see “that movie” that has just been released. He said that he doesn’t care how many shades… it is WRONG. God Bless You … the next generation of responsible parents, the growers of our future.

  3. I never thought of this before. Now it makes sense where that “rape culture” starts. It’s engrained in some men from childhood. These types of behaviors, while some think are cute in children, are dangerous, and would be viewed as examples of harassment in adults.

    I hope that in our future we see changes. We see boys corrected when they do these things, not encouraged. I hope we see boys taught to respect girls, to listen to them, and to take “No” as an answer. Maybe then things will change for the better.

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