just a warning. 


My sincerest apologies. I posted this before I read more into it and it is false information. Thank God! 

My friend just shared this with me and I really felt the need to post it on here. Such a sad reality we live in sometimes. Be careful everyone! xx

24 thoughts on “just a warning. 

    • I don’t know. I actually retract saying it’s real because I’m not 100% positive but it doesn’t hurt to spread the word incase it is. I instantly shared it as soon as it was shared with me and since i’m at work I didn’t have a chance to read more about it. In today’s world, it’s not so hard to believe. I’m not the news, just a female who shares what I see on my personal blog. Hope it isn’t true but everyone should be careful regardless!

  1. This is NOT true.
    ‘The claims in the message are nonsense. There are no credible reports about such a contamination. Moreover, because HIV does not live very long outside the body and is killed by exposure to air and stomach acid, there is virtually no risk of contracting the virus from eating oranges, even if blood from an HIV positive person had been injected into the fruit. This nonsensical warning is just one more in a long series of HIV related hoaxes. Sharing it will help nobody.’

    • Hey Wendy,

      I knew it for a fact right when I saw this message. The HIV virus cannot survive in the normal atmosphere for more than 3 secs or so. I don’t see anyone contracting HIV from this.

      Your clarification helps as well 🙂


  2. You can’t be too careful with anything these days so it’s always best to err on the side of caution. I just bought a bottle of iron supplements at Walgreens. When I got home and opened it, the inner seal had a big hole like somebody had pressed their finger into it. It’s going back tomorrow. Who knows if what is in the bottle is the real deal or not. No problemo my little Gypsee friend 🙂

  3. Do not feel like a jerk. You just wanted to help people and warn them. The intenet is often filled with too much information which makes it really difficult to see what is true and what isn’t.

    I feel so relieved that it is not true. Thanks for posting it again 🙂

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