6 thoughts on “learning the hardest way. 

  1. Great post… I always say to people that you can’t blame others for hurting you or how “bad” of a person they are. Even I no longer judge a person that does wrong to me as personal reflection of them. People aren’t aware to the reasons they do things as much as think they are. So, we certainly can’t assume or apply any meaning to the act of another. This doesn’t mean unwanted or bad become acceptable, they just detach from being presumed intentions personally used or received. This way you dissociate that emotional addition trying to understand, and presume “why they did”. Just try and figure out why it happened to you. You can not completely avoid it, but people have to take responsibility for not learning and continuing or knowingly subject themselves to it.
    If a friend of mine gets cheated on by their girlfriend or boyfriend, I’m there for them listening, but if they keep going back to them and cry to me after that is say “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT, I’M NOT GOING TO ENABLE THIS BEHAVIOR” lol serious that’s what I tell them. I feel bad they are upset, but also mad they keep doing that to themselves. I’ve been guilty of that in the past but learned long time ago not to do that.
    THAT IS HARD ENOUGH FOR MOST PEOPLE LOL yet they try and control or change others lol
    You have to love that if we need entertainment all that is required is engage and observe people. lol We are a very interesting species

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