I have some really amazing friends. I complain about them more than I really should haha. They’re really kind, cool blah, blah, blah people hahaha. All of my friends have accomplished a lot, but today I couldn’t help but mention a big moment for one of them. Ok, I’ll be honest…I started this post because of the fact that my best friend made it on the front of Huff Post at  “Top 10 Moments of Toronto Fashion Week” and Brazilian GQ but I feel the need to brag about him because this is so major!!!! He is a model in every sense of the word. Not only is he a beautiful human, but his physical apparance is boarderline scary because it’s so striking and stunning. He is so tall, dark and handsome. He has caramel skin and eyes that only the most exotic mixes would have (well, he is a mix so that makes sense haha). I couldn’t be more excited for my human doll! Check it out…

So cool! Am I right or am I right?! I couldn’t be prouder. 


5 thoughts on “Yes!!! 

  1. So urhhhhh…. how about he sets me up with his female model friends? Come onnnnnn, me and him go way back! Remember that time you wrote that blog post about how proud you are of him? Oh man, gooooooooood times.

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