Day 15 (half way already). My dream job. 

“A dream job is a job that combines your talents and passions in a way that is meaningful to YOU.” 


Day 15 of my 30 day challenge is to write about my dream job. I’d be lying to everyone including to myself if I didn’t say my dream job was not having one hahaha but that’s not reality for anyone who wasn’t born into a ridiculous amount of wealth. 

Everytime I think of what my dream job would be I am reminded of what William Barclay once said “There are 2 great days in a person’s life – the day we are born, and the day we discover why.”  Our careers play a huge role for why we were put on this earth aka our purpose. I know a lot more has to do with our family and our friends but a job builds what we want with the people that we are lucky enough to have. I guess to determine a real dream job it would mean to do something you’re not only good at and love doing, but also making a ridiculous amount of money doing so. I can list off so many jobs I’d love to have and be confident that I’d be good at. I would love to do anything in the arts. I would love to style and dress people. I would love to use my imagination to write some sort of script. These are my “dream jobs”  because, let’s face it, we all have some dream jobs because they stay in our dreams hahaha. Not all of those occupations can go as planned because: 

1. They don’t always pay the greatest 

2. The odds of scoring them are slim to none

3. It’s more difficult than not to be very successful in that feild 

Now I know I might sound like a pessimist, but as much as I’m a realist, I’m also a dreamer. I’m realistic in the sense that sometimes it takes a “realistic” approach to work so that we can live the life of our dreams outside the office.


10 thoughts on “Day 15 (half way already). My dream job. 

  1. My dream job is to work for myself. I try every so often but then get lured by an immediate big paycheck

  2. Being a Mom and now a Grammy is the best “dream job” in the world… the pay is crap but the joys are out of this world… and you get to dress people, too. 🙂

  3. Thanks. Although I am in the U.S. Army. 🙂 My second is to open up a lifestyle design business kinda like Lewis Howes. I am going full steam this summer. I want to help people reach their full potential. Whatever that may be. Even if it’s the best basket weaver in the world. That’s why I blog now. Hoping my words reach and spark the ember in others. One person a day is the goal.

    • Doesn’t matter, you’ve served your country and definitely mine too haha that sounds like a very fulfilling job. Blogging is a great platform. Good luck and I’m wishing you the best. 🙂

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