22 thoughts on “not like most girls…

  1. Never used that statement to compliment a woman I’m close with, but regardless of whether she wrote that from personal experience or not, it can still be said as the fact she’s unlike other women on the way he himself has changed, not necessarily meaning that she had to fight tooth and nail to be his. Then again, she probably wrote that to raise debate… or she’s hella skeptical of this guy. Or then again, maybe she wrote it because she wanted to write about a cocky guy. Who knows, that’s poetry for ya.

    • I agree. However you’re not like most guys ( Hahaha sorry had to) because most guys tell all girls they’re not like most girls to make them feel special.

      • I could never understand folk who say “most guys” or “most girls” are this and that. People are just as bad/good as each other. I just think if it’s that bad then branch out elsewhere in terms of social events or in a similar of Taylor Swift writing songs about all the dude’s who are dicks, then it’s most likely something that the individual needs to change. I dunno, that’s just me I guess. I just think it’s pretty toxic to think like that (not saying you are explicitly, just in general), it usually creates a gateway for the “if you can’t beat them…” mindset.

        P.S- Cheers for the compliment, was noted! Something about it worries me though, like I had to beat off a whole load of guys just so I could be unlike them and stuff and whatever and yeah. (I had to too.)

        • I totally agree with what you’re saying. That’s why I wrote interesting perspective. It def is more of a person to person situation. Hahaha yes it was a compliment. Im sweet like that.

      • It’s alright, we all have our phases. Then someone comes along and blows your mind and it’s reset back to zero again. Rinse and repeat until the one who you want to spend the rest of your life with changes your perception of life and you wanna make a million babies and shit (should you want kids).

          • OH MAN. CAN I BE GODFATHER? Normally I’d be a jokey sleaze at this point but I’m kinda sprung on someone and I got the whole monogamous pervy gentleman thing going on, hence Godfather. OOOOOOOOH. WHAT IF I SEE YOU ON MTV!? MAKE IT HAPPEN.

            But objectively, maybe a hubby would help, don’t want the kiddy to grow up without a dada, they’ll end up like me otherwise.

            • Hahahaha yea I will explain to everyone my wordpress friend from the U.K. Is the godfather! I was totally kidding. I wouldn’t have children without a partner cause I am incapable for doing things for myself so for another would be difficult alone lol the day will come I just have other things more important to me in life right now. Relationships isn’t necessarily one of them!! Work and travel. Repeat 💁

              • Oh I totally dig and respect that! Loving/respecting yourself more first is usually the first port of call before going down the relationship route. Too busy breakin’ hearts, I gotcha. I bet you use that line we were talking about on guys alllllllll the time and reducing them to a blubbering wreck. You Mrs. Grey person you. Christina Grey. That’s your new name. It’s gonna catch on. Gonna trend worldwide on Twitter and Instagram. And Facebook. AND MYSPACE.

                    • If you read my “pali” post in ode to my Canadian friend. She friendzoned me so fast that Usain Bolt would be mindblown. It seems there’s a recurring factor of Canadians breaking hearts. You, my Pali, and Nelly Furtado. So much for moving to Canada, too much heartbreak.

                    • I WANTED TO IMPREGNATE LOADS OF WOMEN AND BE ON MAURY DENYING I’M THE FATHER. Dream is dashed. Can’t handle the heartbreak. Canada is evil, with their mounties and friendly demeanor and beautiful Shania Twain looking women. OH GOD. NOT HER TOO. I HOPE SHE ISN’T A HEARTBREAKER. WAIT. NO. SHE IS. MY HEART IS BROKEN.

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