Stand on the shoulders of giants.

Beautifully written by a friend of mine! Great blog Nadine 🙂

welcome to my life

I read this somewhere. I didn’t think much of it, but the words lingered in my head. Stand on the shoulders of giants. I started to dwell on the quote, trying to come up with a rational understanding of what it meant. Could it be along the same lines of keeping your head held high? You know, not letting anyone or anything bring you down. Thinking positively. Setting higher goals for yourself, and aiming to reach them. That sort of thing. But then I Googled it, and I was a tad off. If a dwarf sits on the shoulders of a giant, he can see the farthest of the two. I presume its a perspective thing. By standing on the shoulders of giants, you have a better sight of things, and can see farther. I am not too sure I like that interpretation of the phrase. Ya, sure life is…

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