Twenty something. 

Tonight was wonderful. I am so estatic! My best friend for more than 20 years asked me to be in her wedding party. The day I arrived to Canada from Greece in 1993, Sara and her family were waiting at the airport for us. They greeted us with flowers and hugs and welcomed us with open arms to this land of opportunity. I knew from the moment that I met her that even if I wanted to get rid of her, I couldn’t hahaha. She was bossy and rude but in a leadership way and I was shy and polite with no back bone but in a sense I looked up to her. Sure, she had her way with me but nobody else could ever hurt me or bully me because she was my friend and nobody messed with her. To mess with me, they’d have to get through her first. In August it’ll be 22 years since the day Sara and I became instant best friends. 

Sara asked all of my friends and I which day was best for us to get together and we all agreed Wednesday the 4th, which was tonight. She invited us all to this really yummy restaurant downtown and we were greeted with little gift bags that said bridesmaids and envelopes with a photo of us and the bride to be. 

Inside the envelope Sara had these funny little cards made that asked us to be her bridesmaids and a description of each item and a sweet note inside which I’ll leave out haha

She had the cutest cookies made for a little save the date. I can’t bring myself to eat it because it is way too sweet of a keep sake. Hahaha see what I did there? 

She personalized the wine bottles and each of us individually felt so special. Really. What an honour. 

If there’s one thing us girls love doing, it’s taking a selfie. What a cool add on present for when we take our selfies for the bachelorette or bridal shower or wherever else haha I personally am excited to use it at Coachella and the Golden Gate Bridge. She also gave us a box of little tissues but I only added one in this photo I’m about to share. These tissues are so key for my purse hahaha.

We tried to take our first selfie but it wasn’t much of a success. Everyone was caught off guard haha Sa the bride to be took it. 

And we did a nice cheers for the happy couple and all that’s to come

Of course I took a photo of the food we ate during all of this and let’s just say it’s a good thing I spent my lunch at the gym because I ate like an absolute piglet hahaha. 

I started with roasted garlic prawns with cherry tomatoes and scallions in a white wine butter sauce along with the special of the day crab cakes served on a raspberry coulis. Delicious pairing! I’ve never had that before. 

For my main I had baked chicken breast stuffed with brie, apples, roasted leek and pecans with a citrus cream sauce served with a side of hashbrown? Hahaha so random.  

For dessert I had the caramel carrot cheesecake that consisted of chunks of carrot cake baked into a classic New York Style cheesecake and topped with caramel sauce

I also had coffee and 1-5 glasses of Pinot but who’s really counting? Hahaha we were there from 7-1030 pm. We just laughed and reminisced on all of the things we’ve been through together. The wedding party consists of 11 girls and 11 guys that in one way or another grew up together. Friends who became family and family who became friends. Sometimes I sit down and count my lucky stars for having friendships that you could find in the movies. 

I mean, how cute and thoughtful is that? It feels so nice knowing that there are people in my life that care to make my heart smile the way it did tonight. It amazes me everyday how fast time flies by. It feels like it was just yesterday when we were asking our moms to take us to buy what we thought were the most important dresses of our lives. We went from our confirmations to our grade 8 grad dresses to our prom dresses to our highschool grad dresses. Now we are getting ready to help our bestfriend find the most important dress of her life, her wedding dress. I am so excited that I get to help my best friend plan her dream wedding with her dream man! 

What a night! xx

17 thoughts on “Twenty something. 

  1. Ahh so cute!!! 🙂 I love all the stuff she did for you all. Also, your dessert is everything I would ever want in a dessert. :X

  2. “Will you be my bitch for the day/ bridesmaid.” LOL that’s the best thing I’ve ever seen. If I ever get married and I’m not so old that it’s embarrassing to have bridesmaids, I’m totally copying that.

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