Day 17. What I’m afraid of 

Day 17 of my 30 day challenge is to write about what I’m afraid of. So I guess that would mean my biggest fear. I don’t really know, I have many fears. I’m afraid of snakes and I hate mice. I fear not being able to keep up with the lifestyle I’ve been provided. I have a fear that I’ll end up alone due to my issues of never really ever committing to anyone. I think about never having children which freaks me out. I have a fear that I’ll never walk into a room and feel completely “beautiful” or secure no matter how many times someone reassures me. 

Those are all legitimate fears of mine, being inside of my own head. However, I guess it really is mind over matter. My biggest fear of all though is waking up one day and not caring. I know for most people a “care free attitude” is a way of life but I am not one of those people. I have always been someone who over thought or analyzed situations and believe me when I say I know that is no way to live. However, I have stated before that I am an extremist. I am black or I am white, I do not understand grey… I know no middle. So, my biggest fear is being the exact opposite of what I am now which is to not care at all. I may be my own worst enemy and it’s rare that I pat myself on the back for little accomplishments because I always want to reach the end result. With the way that I am built, I’d rather have that as motivation than no motivation at all. 

I got a little too into my emotions and thoughts there hahaha but it is my  fear. So to conclude, my biggest weakness is caring too much but my truest fear is not caring all together. xx


19 thoughts on “Day 17. What I’m afraid of 

  1. Your willingness to be transparent is refreshing, S. You’ve given me a lot to think about here… and you ARE beautiful. What a soul you have, girly girl.

  2. Fear is only a manifestation of the unknown that is created in the mind. But well written!

  3. P.S You’re purty. You should know by now I’m blunt and say stuff how it is, so hopefully you can accept some iotas of my statement!

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