fifty shades of lips. 

Okay, just three. Yes guys I’m doing the duck face. I used an app to put a lip colour on. The last photo is the original photo. I’ve always been the girl who can never wear a bold lip but I’m trying so hard to make this happen. 





22 thoughts on “fifty shades of lips. 

    • Haha really?!? The natural one is the bottom picture because I just have lip balm on it and not actual lip stick but thanks I like that colour too!!

  1. You actually pull off all three with no problem. But, What I notice is the depth of color changes the focus. The natural color allows your eyes to draw focus. The middle shade gives a balance and the darker shade draws the eye to your mouth which in the picture could cause the onlooker to become tongue tied so be careful. Finding a color that works for you is probably more important than the light or darkness of that color depending on what you want in focus. Of course, I’m a male bi-pedal hominid. What do I know about lip color?

    • Hahaha well you know more than I do based on that comment alone. I’ll tell you there. Definitely smart to decide what exactly I want people to be focusing on haha thanks for the insight !

    • Hahaha well the bottom is my everyday lip and what I ended up with. I guess I can understand what you mean because a bold lip comes off as that sometimes haha

      • Haha ive beem around and know a lot of women. The first picture i would buy spirit drinks, the last one i would try and engage in deeper conversation lol and drink wine with 😉

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