Birthday celebrations. 

Lastnight I went to a restaurant called 7 enoteca in a city near by called Oakville. It’s such a gorgeous restaurant and totally reminds me of somewhere you’d go in Nyc. Anyway, it was my sisters sister in law (does that make sense hahaha) birthday and we are basically all one huge family so we never miss eachothers birthday. Her name is Georgia. She is one of those people that surprise you with how sweet and kind heartered they are because it’s in our nature to caterigize beauty with snobbiness haha. As beautiful as she is physically, she has a heart ten times more beautiful.  I’ve known her since she was 7 or 8 and she just turned 20 yesterday. It’s crazy how time flies! 

This is her and I at my sister and her brothers wedding (Hahaha their wedding) 

This is her from lastnight 

The food lastnight was so good. I’ve been to this restaurant once before for work but it was during lunch so it was a completely different vibe. Lastnight was a very chic trendy feeling and every single dish that we had was insanely delicious. I couldn’t have the pizza because I gave it up for lent but when I went for lunch last year I had it and I remember it being amazing. So this is the part where I show off what my belly enjoyed hahaha 

Other than the steak and pork, every dish was shared between the table. 

And last but certainly not least… the dessert 

Can you say yum?!?? Yum. No wonder I’m spending so much time at the gym. I. Can’t. Stop. Eating!!!! Hahaha. 

A couple of photos of randomness. 

What a great meal with even better company. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. xx

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