Exactly how I feel after my workout. I was in no physical or mental state to go but still did it! Woohoooo, go me. I meant, the calories should be higher but I went at a comfortable pace. Can I live?? Let me live!!! 

I went to a local middle eastern place and got a salad with baba ghanoush and chicken for dinner. 

So good.  Also, I forgot to post about the concert I attended lastnight. It was incredible! Will write about it tomorrow. What. A. talent. 

Anyway, I have to get ready or another birthday celebration. Ask me how I’m going to go for drinks tonight and be up at 545 am. I don’t know! Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “

  1. LUCK!!!

    And here all this time I thought that “baba” was a person. Seriously. 😦
    Guess not…

    I start my gym membership tomorrow!!! Yeah me, too!!! But mostly YEAH YOU, S.

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