Dream antics. 

I am literally typing this with one eye shut in bed. 

Oh hey! 

Hahaha I just woke up from the most annoying dream ever. I honestly never knew that you could have a legitimate bad start to your day based off of a dream but now I do. I also never thought it was possible to be mad at two of your friends who’ve done nothing to you in your actual reality. I can’t explain it!!!! Hahahaha. I just text them both saying “I never knew I could actually feel mad at someone based on a dream the way i’m mad at you and (other persons name) right now”.  Holy moly. My dream was such a mess. Now that I’m up I realize it’s not as annoying as I felt it was haha. I was at my highschool (which I haven’t been to in over 9 years) with one of my girlfriends for lunch. Somehow in my dream I was allowed to just go back there and eat. Anyway, we were sitting enjoying our meal when a guy friend of ours decided to come over and pour ketchup all over my perfectly good crab cakes (living like an actual princess to have crab cakes for lunch at my highschool hahaha this is when I should have known I was dreaming). Anyway, my friend that I had originally went to lunch with started laughing and got touchy feely with the guy. I don’t know why that annoyed me so much. Maybe because I’ve had feelings for him in the past but probably because my innocent crab cakes went to shit hahaha. Whatever I can’t even remember the rest of the details but let’s just say I was pissed off. I then remember running around in a mall trying to find that chocolate store (in pervious post I shared a picture of it) and when I finally did, my lady friend got the last chocolate I wanted/needed. Yes, needed. A necessity. After the kind of bs my friend put me through you would think she would understand. Nope. Girl ate the chocolate before my very eyes as if it was the right to do. Had I known that I was dreaming I would have faught harder but even then I was embarrassed of people staring at me hahaha. So whatever fast forward to me boarding a small teeny plane departing from Montreal (I guess my highschool somehow relocated to Montreal hahaha) and as I’m boarding, I realize the guy from earlier is on our flight. He has the nerve to come over and try to rub my back (what the eff is going on here) and I ask him to stop. My lady friend starts making fun of me saying I’m in appreciative of him and that she’s glad for it because it connected the two of them hahaha. Also, just to clarify, I love massages so I wouldn’t turn that down hahaha. So whatever my two friends are now basically bullying me while all over one another and it was nice not a pleasant feeling. In my dream I actually could feel my emotions really strong. I kept telling myself that if this was a dream, I’d like to wake up but I just wasn’t waking up so I actually thought it was real life. I was so angry at them. Honestly. It sounds insane now that I’m typing it (probably making zero sense as I am typing half asleep) but I woke up in a my own angry frustrated tears hahaha. I am so glad that neither of them are like that towards me and having a reality that is much better than a dream (or nightmare in this case). I realize that a lot of my dream had to do with food and relationships I have with people. I should definitely check to see what that means. Either way, I’m mad at them. Mad. Mad. Mad. Mad. Mad!!! Hahaha well I know I can’t be in actuality but it’ll make me more mad knowing that I can’t be mad. Being mad over not having the right to be mad. Only me folks, only me. If you’ve managed to somehow make it through this post (kudos do you, I would have stopped a while ago hahaha) do you know what any of this could mean? More importantly, is it dramatic to avoid these two people for a few days? Hahaha. 





It’s now time for me to get up and shower. I could have slept for the last hour but decided to get in my own head and then type it out for all of you.  What a mess lol. Hopefully my Monday goes a lot smoother than my dream was. Wishing you the same! xx

Ps. Chocolate  I was speaking of

9 thoughts on “Dream antics. 

  1. turtles… yup… those things will kill you… hahaha!!! I have no idea what your dream means but those chocolates…. OhMyGoodness… at least you weren’t dreaming about chocolate covered marshmallows or you might have taken a bite out of your pillow?

  2. Now I’m mad at your friends… and know neither them nor you. Dreams can do that: all truth and no reality.

  3. On a pure intuition basis, have you considered that as you are getting older and travelling through life, you are subconsciously worried about growing apart from your friends? Either that or something like this: you are thinking about making a decision or a change in your life that forces you to pull away from those friends. That’s a couple of ways I’d interpret it- either way, I hope it’s given you a place to start figuring it out.

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