Day 21. Top 10 favourite songs

Day 21 of my 30 day challenge is to share my top 10 favourite songs of all time. I love this post!!! I am such a fan of music and I could honestly say that it has helped me through some of my toughest times. I obviously can’t post every single song I am obsessed with (there’s so many) so I’ll post the ones that come to mind. I am bummed that some of my favourite artists didn’t make the list but when I connect a song with a feeling, it always comes out the winner. I still love my girls Banks, Florence and the machine and Lorde.

1. She will be loved – Maroon 5

A song my friends and I loved so much when we were in highschool. I remember one specific time we did a music video type of thing in our tents when we went camping hahaha so strange.

2. White Houses – Vanessa Carlton

So much attachment to this song. Another song my girlfriends and I loved. We would play it so often and sing along. It was somehow so relatable too haha. We used to play it so loud and all sing at the top of our lungs. One day when I get married, I will play this song and have a dance with only my besties/brides maids. I know the lyrics would be a little strange for the occasion but I could care less, the feelings that it brings back are definitely worth it.

3. Breathe (2 am) – Anna Nalick 

Hahaha wow, another one that brings me back to sing alongs with my best friends. I’m just realizing now that most of my favourites are because of that. The lyrics to this song are great and she has an amazing voice to match.

4. Te amo- Rihanna 

This whole song is just too good. Thats my explanation other than yet another sing along hahaha, Listening to it right now just brings me back.

5. Sos – Rihanna 

Rihanna is one of those artists that I dislike as a person but always find myself loving her music. This song was our jam when we went on our first ever girls trip without our parents. We were 17 and headed to Montreal. What a trip!!! Ugh, I can literally envision everything. We thought we were such adults hahaha.

6. Halo – Beyonce

Because duh, it’s my wedding song.

7. I can’t help falling in love with you – Elvis

Because duh, it’s my other wedding song.

8. All I want – Ellie Goulding 

Great vocals, touching lyrics and a cover even better than the original… all the makings for a favourite song.

9. I see fire – Ed Sheeran

Insane voice. I could listen to this over and over and over again.

10. Adele – Hometown Glory

Because there will never be an artist I instantly fell in love with after hearing just one song. Because it’s the song behind the title of my blog and because it is a mix of the most powerful vocals and the most relatable lyrics.

What are some of your favourite songs?


3 thoughts on “Day 21. Top 10 favourite songs

  1. Amen to Ed Sheeran! I love all of his music but especially that song 🙂 I didn’t include any of his on my list though…silly me!

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