Day 23 of 30. A different time 

Day 23 of my 30 day challenge is to write about a different time in my life. I feel like I’ve written about this during this challenge so many times haha. Whether I want to accept it or not, my life changes more often than I’d like. Day by day it feels the same and before I know it, everything and everyone is different. Sometimes I feel like I’ve changed and other days I feel like the world around me has and I’ve stayed put where I am. I’ve discussed my life as a child, when I was born in Iraq and then moved to Greece only to end up in Canada. I’ve discussed my elementary school days. I have talked about the days that I spent my summers in Los Angeles with my best friend. I’ll be honest, I don’t have the energy to come up with a random memory or time in my life haha so tonight I’ll take it easy. My life is forever changing and what is the same now may be different tomorrow. I’ll try harder for my post on day 24, sorry for slacking. xx

3 thoughts on “Day 23 of 30. A different time 

  1. slacking… slacker… H???mmm… seeing a trend here between Canada and Florida… 🙂 Your posts are all so much fun & interesting no matter how much or how little you write, S. Give your brain a rest tonight… love you!

  2. Well we do live in an ever changing, continuously revolving planet. We just have to accept that things change, for better or for the worse. 🙂

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