Day 24. Best physical feature 

Day 24 of my 30 day challenge is to write about my best physical feature. Really? Are we really going to do this right now? Hahaha. I am NOT good with complimenting myself so I don’t know. I decided to go on the asking my friends route so I’ll just paste a conversation of me asking them. I don’t even know what’s more egotistical…sharing what my favourite physical features are or asking others to tell me what they are but I just don’t feel comfortable writing it myself hahaha. That being said, take this how you will. For the record, they’re my friends so they have to be kind hahaha. 

I’ve always had a hard time with physical appearance but according to them, I think eyes may win this round. 

What are your best physical features? Do you have a hard time with this too? It’s so easy to point out what we don’t like about ourselves but have a hard time expressing what we appreciate.


23 thoughts on “Day 24. Best physical feature 

      • It’s probably been destroyed by now… I could have asked to keep it in a jar, I suppose.. I didn’t really have an empty jar though and I’m not really one for “knick knacks” 😉

      • Hey! I’ve also had my tonsils removed.. and my gall bladder (I say this like it’s some form of competition)… apparently I was under the impression that having my organs removed was a successful form of weight loss…

        • Oh, this isn’t a competition? Dang.

          When my younger son had his tonsils removed, he asked the surgeon if he could keep them. After he came out of recovery, the doctor came walking into the room with a jar and floating in it were his tonsils. He was only 6 and wanted to take them to school for show & tell.

          Try topping THAT story, GG. hahahaha…

          For the record, I still have my gall bladder (doesn’t that just gall you?) but I have had a part of my body removed that most men don’t need to have touched… think pink ribbons. But I’m alive to tell the story!

          So how’s the weight loss program going for you? Mine stinks! There’s always next year.

          • Wow, floating tonsils.. that;s pretty cool. Sorry to hear you had breast cancer.. my sister had it as well.. I actually have a poem on my site about it called Warrior, I believe.. Anyway… glad you’re alive to tell the tale and wish you much health and happiness

            • Thanks GG… we both have the same letters but mine is my name… G(squared) LOL

              It’s going to be 13 years in 7/11 and I call it being a Thriver, not that “S” word. I’m glad to be here, too. It actually was the best thing I have gone through in life.

  1. Best physical feature implies something that can be appreciated but in my case my best physical feature would be that part that doesn’t make children cry or small animals scurry away scuffing their little paws or claws. Okay…after an exhaustive inventory, it’s my belly button. No one has ever seen it but me and so far it hasn’t given me the willies.

  2. But I can say for certain, without a hint of doubt (or maybe just a little) that you have a great smile. This is coming from someone who sees lots of fake smiles almost weekly.

  3. Haha yes I think as well it is difficult … I would say my eyes. I like my eye colour as it is hazel and sometimes more green or brown. When I was small I always wanted blue eyes, now I am actually happy the way I am and think my eye colour is kind of cool 🙂

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