“I kind of don’t date.

There’s a gap between me and most people, there just always has been.

I used to think it was because I was younger and in school but even after school, the gap, it just got bigger and more impossible. I wasn’t too young; I was just too different. So I know what it looks like when I say “no” to dating. It’s fun and we are happy for a while until it’s not.  Things always get awkward… and weird. So I over-correct and he misinterprets and then we are not on the same page anymore because we never were on the same page. We were always miles and miles apart with this gap between us… pretending it wasn’t there and I dont want to pretend. I don’t like to pretend. I’m fine on my side of the gap.”

36 thoughts on “Greys. 

  1. Amen, S. One day your Prince Charming will come along and knock you off of your pretty little feet. I speak from experience here. So keep living and loving life and when it happens, well… it will happen! How’s that for wisdom. LOL xoxoxx to you from down here in the VERY warm part of THE SOUTH. 🙂

  2. Well I’m so not sorry that I tell the truth about our weather 😦 sob, sob… drool… wahhhhhhhhhh… hahaha… As the NASA guy just said on t.v. IT IS A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT FOR A LAUNCH!!! A PERFECT night!!! Why don’t you come down here and maybe you’ll meet an astronaut. I hear they are “out of this world”. Get it?

  3. I tend to be “too into whatever it is that I’m doing”…so then I get bored…or maybe I was bored the whole time and was just pretending…you’re making me think here….lol

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