The struggle is real 

Hey you guys… I’m losing my mind Hahahaha. I’m just a little over three weeks into lent and so far today has been the roughest and toughest day. For those who don’t know… I gave up bread, rice and pasta. The photo above is exactly what my dreams are made of these days. 

My count down (yes I have a countdown) tells me there are 23 days remaining. 

My gosh. How am I going to last 23 days.  Can we take note on the fact that I signed up for 40 days and my calendar is telling me it’s a total of 46 days. What’s that all about?! I also heard that I’m allowed to cheat on Sunday’s but I’ve never been the cheating type so I’ve stayed loyal so far. Jesus tricked me (if you’re super religious please know I am kidding and refrain yourself from preaching lol) Ugh. Anyway, One time I gave up bread, rice and pasta for two full years. It didn’t feel so difficult then but for some reason I am having a very hard time now. I think a combination of loving food and going to the gym often has resulted with me needing some carbs Hahahaha.  I mean, even my cheat days don’t mean anything anymore. How many times can I have chicken fingers as a cheat until I’m over it? 

Does anyone have any fun ideas on what I can do to satisfy my cravings?!


19 thoughts on “The struggle is real 

  1. Hey! Try looking up different recipes that use colliflower. You can combine different ingredients with colliflower to make it into a bread like substitute. There’s like colliflower grilled cheeses and stuff (the bread is the colliflower) and I’ve heard they are amazing. Plus there’s a ton of other recipes. I wish I could remember the link I used to have but I don’t 😦 here’s one link to check out tho Hope this helps!

    • I made cauliflower pizza once and it was soooo delicious !!! It was just so time consuming and very fatty because the cheese is what made the bread like texture. Im so excited, I’ll def check out the link. Thanks a bunch! I wish restaurants would have options like these for people who aren’t having bread. Life would be easier !!

  2. Hey hey hey. Keep up the good work! live without bread pasta and rice can be tough! I go carb free regularly and always struggle! Are you off potatoes as well? Some things I enjoy when not having the aforementioned 3 foods is making fritters. My favourite is sweetcorn pancakes (I don’t count pancake as a bread :p. I also use lentils instead of rice and spinach instead of pasta so I cant have that bolognese or that thai green curry and not feel like I’m missing out. xo

    • Not off potatoes but I’m not a huge fan of them unless I find a great twist on them. Fries bore me haha. I don’t love spinach but my favourite food ever is Bolognese so maybe I’ll give it a whirl !! Thanks for the advice and the encouragement haha I need it on days such as this.

    • Never !!! Hahaha I can’t do lent like that. I signed up for it and now I have to stick it out. Would love to have pizza though. If I drink and forget I ate it, does it count? Contemplating this route hahahaha

      • I know lol I wouldn’t feel the same if I convinced someone so loyal to be disloyal! I know you will do it but my God, that’s tough! I tried to stay away from grain in general and only lasted a month or two… hahahahahahaah don’t play that card! Cheating is cheating but I understand the mindset lol you weren’t fully conscious at the time of consumption so how can you possibly be held accountable 😉

  3. Try high-carb veggies like sweet potatoes, carrots, yams. I’ve been on the caveman diet all year, and that’s the only way I keep from going nuts. Also, spaghetti squash is an awesome pasta substitute! Good luck!

  4. I agree with Divagating Diva -spaghetti squash is a great substitute. Sweet potatoes are great, but so aren’t blue potatoes (they’re really purple). I’m doing keto and always have to watch my carb intake.

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