Day 27. Last time I cried 

Day 27 of my 30 day challenge is to write about the last time that I cried. Hmmmm it depends what kind of cry we are talking. I’m not much of a crier and if I do it’s usually out of frustration. I have more of an angry cry and then I get angrier because I allowed myself to let someone or a situation get the best of me hahaha it’s a viscous cycle. Anyway, I had tears today because my sister sent me a video of my niece and I miss her so much (even though it’s only been 5 days since I’ve seen her last hahaha). So, it made me kind of cry because she’s getting so big and because I truly miss her! I truthfully haven’t had a good cry in a while (unless you want to count me crying over not being able to have carbs because of lent hahaha) and I’m actually kind of glad for that. 2015 has been really good to me so far and I don’t really have much to complain about. I did however watch a movie called United 93 a little over a week ago and it made me cry. It was so sad and awful what those terrorists did to those innocent souls on that airplane. It’s a movie about the fourth flight that got hijacked on 9/11 but didn’t quite make it to its target destination. I think it was meant to fly into the White House. The movie made me cry for several reasons. The way those sick men spoke gave me the creeps and the sadness in the eyes of the innocent people who weren’t ready to leave this earth made my heart feel a lot of pain. The way they took control of the airplane so that the terrorists didn’t “succeed” in the attack made them die heroes which was a happy cry (bitter sweet) because they saved a lot of lives that day while losing their own. I apologize if I just ruined the movie for you but I did you a favour, it definitely isn’t a movie you want to see. It just highlighted the sadness that this world comes with and it made me sick to my stomach. It was definitely one of those cries that really puts life into perspective and I’m fortunate to have never experienced such a personal tragedy. 

So, as you can see I guess I’ve had a couple cries in the last little bit- sometimes we all just need to get it out, don’t we? 

I’m the type of person who gets uncomfortable when people cry. I never know if I should hug them or leave them alone because my personal preference is to be left alone than to be asked what’s wrong. I feel like everytime someone asks me if I’m okay… I’m instantly not and even if I am it doesn’t show because I just burst into dramatic tears lol. What was the last thing that made you cry? I hope it wasn’t too heavy. 


11 thoughts on “Day 27. Last time I cried 

  1. You’re right with the different types of crying – there are so many!
    The film you watched sounds very depressing – I can’t stomach interrogation scenes in films so there’s no way I’d be able to get through that. I don’t blame you for crying.

    I cry far too much. So often. Possibly every other day? I’m incredibly sensitive though haha, and I did break up with someone in January so maybe that affects it…I have a lot of feelings okay (ha).

    • Worst movie. It made me so depressed that day lol but don’t feel bad about crying! Sometimes you just need to let it out. I could imagine the breakup probably had something to do with it. Seeing and hearing things that remind you of a person is tough.

  2. I’m a total freak! I cry in movies when animals and children are getting hurt but can watch stone faced when things are happening to adults. It’s truly sick! I cannot remember the last time i cried but it was probably because I got sunscreen in my eyes or because I saw an old video of my child and became aware of the fact that she’s no longer 3 days old.

    • Hahaha I cry over animals too! Sometimes I don’t care about adults either but in that specific situation it was the worst. Oh man! I could imagine. I cry because my niece is almost 8 months hahaha I couldn’t imagine my own child. 🙈

  3. Tears are best when cried alone. For some reason we don’t like it when it happens in front of others and we spend too much energy trying to stop. Alone, there is no shame or guilt in crying and one can have a throw down kicking and screaming good cry and no one is traumatized or goaded into empathy.

  4. I cry a lot even though as a guy, I should hold them onto myself.. But I’m those kind of guys that doesn’t afraid of showing my true emotions and how I feel..
    I cry when I see a lot of innocent people die, no matter in real life or in movies..
    I cry when I hear music that is fit and lyrics that best describes my current love relationship.,
    I cry when I think about my life, because it is really kinda sad..
    I cry when I am alone too, I don’t cry much in front of people, but there are tears though..

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