Day 28. Bucket list 

Day 28 of my 30 day challenge is to share what’s on my bucket list. I try to make a new one every couple of years because I’m the type of person who  needs to do what I want almost instantly haha it also is always places I want to vacation in. 

My bucket list for the next couple of years in no order would be 

  1. Bali
  2. Thailand
  3. Australia (I think)
  4. Zip lining through Costa Rica 
  5. Cape Town, South Africa

Last year I made a bucket list to see certain parts of Europe. I went to London England, Amsterdam Netherlands, Venice and Florence Italy, Sankt Goar and Munich Germany, Vienna Austria, Lucerne Switzerland and Paris France. For 2015 I told myself I’d travel to places I haven’t been to before and so far I have Coachella, Phoenix and San Fransisco after a little trip to LA. I’ve been to LA many times but never to those other places. Can’t wait!! No really, I can’t wait. I need a vacation bad!!! Haha. 

What’s on your bucket list ?  xx

15 thoughts on “Day 28. Bucket list 

  1. Costa Rica, Belize, Egypt (Giza), and Machu Picchu are the ones on my list now. Not sure if I’ll get to any of them this year, but some day…

  2. Y’all will just complain about me going on and on and on about the awesome weather we have down here in Florida 😦 Well, y’all have a standing invitation to come visit ANY time. I wish that I’d see THAT on your BL, S.

  3. On my bucket list are Disneyland and Hawaii.

    By the way, don’t come to Phoenix during the summer. You will not enjoy the 100+ degree heat. Winters are pretty darn good, though.

    Have fun on your travels! 🙂

  4. I’ve done Australia and Thailand. Top of my bucket list at the moment is the England cricket tour of South Africa this winter, but I need to get a job fast to make that possible.

  5. Hi there,

    Just wanted to say that you really need to visit Thailand and Bali (with other islands). Me and my girlfriend have been in Thailand for 1 month on different spots, likewise with Bali and our next stop is Borneo. Feel free to read some of my posts about our trips! 😊👌

    Best regards, Arnel

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