Day 29. Weird quirk 

Day 29 of my 30 day challenge is to share a weird quirk of mine. I don’t really know how to say it without using “ocd” but I guess it would be my obsessions. Obsessions with everything. Loving something so much that I can’t stop doing it. Hating something so much that I won’t give it another try. The way I need my bed to look all the time and how I get out of bed to fix the sheets even in the middle of the night if I sense the sheet is coming off haha. How I always needs two full water bottles on me. How I abuse music, I hear a song I love and I’ll play it over and over again until I’ve found a new one that I love. How I like to keep my hands moist all the time. I always need lip balm/lip stick on. How much I dislike pop and get a weird emotion when people drink it around me Hahahaha I don’t quite know what emotion it is but it definitely makes me weird. How I love something and want everyone to love it but then obsess over it being “mine first” hahaha. How I make the most ridiclous bets with myself about everything.  I don’t know. I think obsessions to the most extreme is definitely my weird quirk.  

This is a no judgement zone right? Otherwise you must think I’m a real head case lol. 

What’s are your weird quirks? xx

14 thoughts on “Day 29. Weird quirk 

  1. Loved the quirkiness girl. Loving and hating with the same intensity is a strong trait . Keep going and never change for anyone or anything.

  2. Q-U-I-R-K… that was be one fantastic word to play in a Scrabble game especially if you placed it just so correctly over a TRIPLE WORD square and could add an “S” to the end… or even or better yet so better than even a “Y” cause “Y” is worth more points than “S”… I don’t think I have any quirk issues. HAHAHA… except for the little thing I do with license plates on cars in front of me on the highway. I try to spell things with the letters or do math with the #’s… yeah… that’s really strange, I know. But then I used to be a mathemagician so what would anybody expect? LOVED your post you QUIRKY little lady you who I think the world of 🙂 By the way, I do the same thing with the sheets during the night. Glad to know there is another person “out there” having disturbed sleep over the sheets being in a disarray. Too funny, S. Wow. I’m a Chatty Cathy all of a sudden tonight!

    • Hahaha sounds like you’re into elephant games to me. The sheet thing drives me nuts !!! I enjoy Chatty Cathy! I am just like her hahaha goodnight 🙂

  3. I just reread my reply and don’t even remember posting that, S 😦 haha I must’ve been a whole lot more tired than I realized… but the sheets behaved last night or maybe I didn’t toss & turn like I usually do cause I didn’t wake up all night. Yeah!

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