8 months! 



My adorable niece Evangeline is 8 months today! This little doll has made me the proudest auntie in the whole world. She is such a happy little princess! She waves and claps and says “momma” and “baba” which is dad for Assyrian even though her father isn’t Assyrian hahaha and you should see her eat! She takes after me. She grabs the spoon and makes “mmm” sounds lol it’s so cute. I feel like it was just yesterday when I was writing a post from the hospital waiting for my sister to give birth. Time really flies!!! xx 

17 thoughts on “8 months! 

  1. Give precious Evangeline a big hug & kiss from all of her honorary aunts (or Grammy!) out here. I sure can see why you are so crazy about her, S. xoxoxx

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