I Cry

Love this. What a beautiful couple! Check out their blog. xx

It's All About HOPE!!!

When I think of you, I cry

When I’m feeling blue, I cry
When the weight of the world is on my shoulders
When the days and nights feel so much colder
I cry, I cry
If I dare to dream, I cry
If we’re not a team, I cry
If I thought that I had ever hurt you
If I think of all the things I’ve put you through
I cry, I cry
I feel the tears flow down my face
So many thoughts inside me race
Feels like a blade right through my heart
My world just crashed and fell apart
I cry, I cry
Tho I try to hide it, I cry
Tho I never will admit, I cry
And tho they say it’s not what real men do
Tho I lie when my heart is torn in two
I cry, I cry
Sometimes I’m sad, I…

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