I’m trying to figure out how to put my posts in different categories. Do you guys think that I could benefit from that? Maybe make my blog more organized? Does anyone have any experience with it. I decided to do this when I tried to find an old post and had to scroll sooooo far to find it. I’m torn… WWYD?!


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  1. Try using tags first, if you don’t already do so. That may be all you need, unless you want to break things down into types like “quotables”, “blog”, “misc”, “pics”, etc., in which case categories may suit you much better.

    In your admin dashboard, go to Posts > Categories. Then you choose the checkbox of which category (or categories) you want each individual post to fall under. I think you can choose default categories as well. Hope this helps!

    • I use the same tags all the time so it won’t help me haha I just need to find old posts quicker. Thanks for the help!! You daaaa best

  2. I am mostly using the iphone app to post things.. The app’s interface is just perfect and user friendly.. Tags are kinda for people to search your articles.. I don’t usually use tags but categories to organise my posts… In the app, it’s just a simple button to create them..

    Take my blog for example, it’s mostly Sketchibgs and Poems.. So I created 2 categories and I guess you already know which 2 lol…
    And for different sketchings and poems, I have different feelings and insight.. Then I created more categories about feelings.. So now I can organise my posts with feelings too! It’s just your preference actually.. Be crazy, be creative 🙂

  3. I love your blog the way you have it now but it’s your world so whatever works for you works for me! I have no idea how to find things and sometimes I find that I don’t even remember what I have previously posted. But that’s another subject and not answering your question… 🙂

  4. For me, putting my posts into categories can be helpful. It’s just a good idea because not only does your blog feel more organized, but people will more likely stumble onto your blog when they’re searching through different categories on WordPress. That’s how I find a lot of the blogs I follow: I search my favorite categories to blog about and find blogs that interest me.

    Good luck!

  5. I have found out that too many tags that don’t relate to common names or topics are somewhat useless in posting, i.e. going to grandmas, the purple dress, playing in the street…….better to use perhaps as tags…..grandmother or family or relationship, clothing, colors……. I also read in the tags/catagories that more than 13 is too many?

  6. When you post a blog from the New Post page in the classic style, scroll down and on the right side you’ll see a box for Categories. Just put a check mark in a box (or however many you wish) or Add New Category.

    When posting in the new style on the New Post page, look to the left and you’ll see Tags & Categories, where you can enter a category.

    Now, in order to select get the Categories list on your page, mouse over My Site in the upper left corner of your screen and select Customize from the list that drops down. Click on Widgets on the left side of the screen. Click which Sidebar (portion of the screen) you want the Categories box in (example: Primary Sidebar). Now click Add a Widget and scroll down until you see the Categories widget. Click it and it’ll be added to the list of widgets on your selected Sidebar. Click the Save & Publish button on the top and that should do it.

    Hope that helps. 🙂

    By the way, you can also add a Search widget that will allow you to do a quick search for any specific post you’re looking for.

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