The Musts & Must Nots: Face Mask Edition 

A must ✔️ according to me


I haven’t done a post like this in a while haha I remember when I first started blogging, I had a “must and most not” phase where I’d recommend products that I’d use and discuss if I  liked or disliked them. I really didn’t have any direction or clue how to blog back then (I’m still learning) so I tried to make more of a typical relatable blog. I realized with time that the best response I received was when I was my complete self therefore I stopped trying to be a “fashion” or “beauty” blogger hahaha since I am clearly neither of those. Anyway, tonight I did a face mask and I wanted to share it with you the same way I did back then. This mask is called   Boscia black mask and frankly, I’m obsessed. It can be found at Sephora and I think it retails for $48 canadian dollars. I actually was gifted it for Christmas along with 20 other face masks (wish I was kidding…I think they were trying to tell me something) and I’ve used it twice since. I normally don’t like applying anything on my face other than soap and Nivea but since I’ve been having a quarter  life crisis I’ve been trying random stuff to feel better about myself hahaha. This one is really awesome! You are to apply a thick layer of it on your face and leave it to dry for 30 minutes. It hurts like an absolute B to peel off but the end result is incredible. I used the sponge that came with it (as shown in the photo) and the black cleanser soap afterwards and I feel like I could see great result already. I don’t see any blackheads and my skin feels like it’s breathing. It’s also the softest it’s felt from any mask! 

A photo with the mask on me (ignore how out of it I look) 


And after I washed it off 

  Ignore my eyebrows, I’m desperately trying to grow them out to make them thicker but you can see that my face looks kind of smooth. It actually feels incredible and I think it’s because the peel away mask takes off all that dead skin. 

So in conclusion this is definitely filed under a “must have” hahaha Do you have any skin products you’d recommend? Would love some feedback! xx

13 thoughts on “The Musts & Must Nots: Face Mask Edition 

  1. My skin is a bit sensitive and soaps and tonics can be to aggressive and will therefore cause redness to my skin ):. But peel off masks are also typically very useful in times where the skin needs extra care .. such as the winter! And i live in Scandinavia, Denmark, where its pretty much always winter haha. So that could be a good purchase to make.

    • Definitely something to check out. My friend has very sensitive skin and she uses it and loves it !! You can ask for a sample before you even purchase it just to be safe and spot use it just on your nose or something 🙂

    • Masks are definitely helpful! I was in sephora lastnight and the lady helping us was 58 and she honestly looked 35. She said her secret was making two times a week and using goats milk to wash her face two times a day! Thank you so much, you are too 🙂

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