Whenever you’re faced with a difficult situation you need to ask yourself “can I make it in the next ten seconds” you’ll start to wonder if it’s over yet and the answer may be no. It’ll be the hardest ten seconds of your day but it will be over very soon and then you’ll start on the next ten seconds. Just take it ten seconds at a time. 











Eventually, everything will be okay. 

6 thoughts on “Unbreakable. 

    • Im so glad It could help. I actually heard something similar to it on a tv show and thought I’d share ! I know it definitely would help me in a tough situation. Good luck!!!

  1. Lord F… Well you can do it… I’ll be your cheerleader!

    S… this is sooooo very true. One day at a time often sounds like an eternity. 10 seconds sounds a whole lot more doable… Love you girly girl 🙂

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