Literally ☀️


I need a patio, a fun looking alcoholic beverage that I can take a photo of for instagram/wordpress but not actually drink, a shot (x10) of vodka that I will drink, watermelon, the beach or lake, the sun, bbq, wavy hair with natural golden highlights, rosey cheeks and a tan until I am completely happy. I can’t settle, I won’t!  It’s cute that we have every season and all but hurry up March, April and May…June is the only month that makes sense in my near future! xx

7 thoughts on “Literally ☀️

  1. If you will just come here to Florida, I have all of that (well, I can’t do the hair thing for you!) and more. Have you been listening to me at all, S ????? haha

    You forgot the music. Ahhhhh…. yes, music!

  2. I would love to have all of those things! Specifically the ocean, wavy hair after swimming in said ocean, a cooler full of my favorite summer style beverages, fresh fruit of all kinds, and family (because I miss them and summer doesn’t seem the same without them). 🙂

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