For my parents 

I’m laying down just thinking about a lot of things. Things I sometimes take for granted. Before I begin I want to apologize for any errors I make. I am writing from the heart and since I can’t multitask, I know I’ll make a lot of errors when it comes to using my brain hahaha 

I keep thinking about my parents. 



 They’re the nicest and sweetest people in the world. My parents are the kind of people that have others respecting me even though I didn’t earn it. People love them and it somehow makes people love me. Does that make sense? My mom is very religious and my dad is the hardest working man I know. They are the best team in the world. Between my mothers prayers and my fathers security, I have never lived a day that I didn’t feel safe. I can’t remember a time in my life where they didn’t make me feel the most loved. I was a tough teenager to deal with and I still don’t understand how my parents didn’t throw me out. I pushed any button that I could just to see how far they’d go for me. No matter how hard or how many buttons I pushed, they were still there with open arms waiting for me. I wasn’t a bad kid in a sense that I got into drugs or anything, I just was an angry kid. I yelled a lot and cried when I didn’t get my way. Sometimes I’d freak even if I got my way because I was looking for a fight. Still, my parents were patient and kind.They encouraged me to love myself. My parents told me everyday how beautiful I was both inside and out even though most days I knew with my behaviour that it couldn’t be true. My dad has always been the kind of man that would bend over backwards to make sure I had everything I’ve ever wanted or desired. My moms the type of woman who will wake up out of her sleep to feed me or hug me or comfort me in anyway that she could. I can’t really explain it other than saying that they are the best. God has blessed with me more than I could have ever asked for. This may all seem a little random but tonight’s events sparked these feelings haha. I had a very long day. I was at work until 5pm and went straight to the gym until 7pm and by that time it was my soccer game so I went straight to that. I wasn’t finished with my day until 930pm and it had just hit me that I only ate 1 cucumber and 1 boiled egg all day. Anyway, long story short… My mother who is visibly sick offered to get up and make me anything my heart desired. I was being a brat and kept turning everything down. I said I was in the mood for junk.  In the meantime, my father had already got up and drove to the pizza store to get me a pizza. For anyone who has read my posts, I can’t have pizza since it’s part of what I gave up for lent.  My dad knows that too but since he’s getting a little older he’s starting to forget more. I really didn’t have the heart to tell him I couldn’t eat it so I gave him a kiss on the cheek and put on my most excited face. I could tell he was really happy to make me smile. That made me really happy and made my heart smile. As soon as I told my mom that my dad got me pizza she giggled and before she could tell him, I stopped her. I could also see that she was happy that he did that for me because she followed it with “your dad has always been such a good man” because like I said earlier, he’s always bent over backwards for us in any way that he could. Anyway, I just wanted to share how these gems make me feel. It sounds like i’m just happy that people want to feed me lol and in some ways I am but in this moment I am just so grateful and want to share my love for them with all of you. There has never been a day in my life that I didn’t feel loved and that’s because I knew there was two people who I looked up to that loved me so much. No matter how difficult my day was or how hard I was being on myself, I laid my head on my pillow and thanked God for them every night. I hope that one day I can make someone’s life as lovely as they’ve made mine. I hope that they know what they mean to me. I hope that if you’re a mother or father, you are so good to your children that they too feel the way I do right now. 

I’m done blabbing but thank you for reading! Have a beautiful night. xx 

15 thoughts on “For my parents 

  1. Wonderful and kind post…my only other thought…tell them! Be sure you tell them and don’t just hope they know how you feel. Love is something we can’t express too often and we never grow tired of hearing!

  2. That was the best post I’ve read from you…. Totally from the heart. It’s when we are the most tired, the most broken down that our true self shows… You show love and a thankful heart! That’s a beautiful thing! 😃❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😃

  3. You know, I think it is lovely to bring the spotlight on people who deserve it. In this world, so much competes with that. Lovely tribute indeed.

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