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    This is sadly so accurate for about 75% (may be higher but I’m trying to be positive) of today’s “younger” relationships. I’ve always said that once I am married I will never get divorced because relationships aren’t always easy, but if they were worth it when you said “I do” then they are worth the effort when it’s been days, months, years, or decades after those two little words. I will never give up. There may be a lot of fish in the sea and we may have more access to connecting with them all, but I’ve met a fish that I love and no matter how many others come along I won’t give up on my one. 🙂 (I know, super cheesy!)

  2. I like the commercial where the young woman thought she has so many friends and her parents life a bore. To the girl, her likes and online friends transcended the actual fun her parents were having unbeknownst to her. Funnier still is the young lady got her start on Youtube, doing pretty much the same thing. Just pray the internet does not go down…lol

  3. So true and so well explained. Humans used to be social animals but nowadays they are becoming virtually social animals or better said asocial animals controlled by the virtual world..

  4. I think this is a part of our ‘feel-good’ society, where everyone gets a trophy and a kid can earn a black belt. Online, you can have a lot of “friends” and a lot of “followers.” But are they really your friends? Would they really follow you if you tried to lead them? Probably not. But it feels good. It feels good to think you have a large group of people caring about you. That’s what hooks people to social media, this illusion that they can obtain some level of celebrity. That’s how social media sites make their money, by handing this illusion out to anyone.

    Is it a bad thing that this is so pervasive? I don’t know. It does feel good to feel good. And if someone really needs that to keep going in their life, who am I to want to take that away from them? Sometimes we need the illusions we create for ourselves. 🙂

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