Dinner and a show 


lastnight we celebrated my friend Roxannes 28th birthday. It was so much fun! We went to a restaurant downtown Toronto called Copa Cabana which is a Brazilian steakhouse. It was incredible. The way that it works is they walk around with meat and you have a card infront of you so if you want that specific cut you flip it up. There’s also a full buffet of salads and pastas and potatoes and whatever else your heart and belly desire. There’s a live show of dancers who really get the party started. 

Here’s the options or meats: 



 And of course my artsy photo for instagram   


Here’s my plate from the buffet side of it. I put so much on it but didn’t really touch it because I was enjoying the meat too much hahaha there was so much I couldn’t have because of lent restrictions but with all of the other options I did not feel neglected… at all. 


The dancers were so entertaining and a nice addition to dinner 




The restaurant was beautiful and very trendy 


And of course we started and ended our night with a row (or ten) of vodka shots hahaha  



So all in all, a great night filled with great people! Today is my friend Mallorys birthday so we are having bottomless mamosas and brunch hahaha you know how I feel about my Sunday funday! Wohoo. 

How was your Saturday? I Hope you had as much fun as I did! xx

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