Birthday brunch  🎈



Believe it or not I celebrated yet another birthday today hahaha one it my bests turned 26 so we went to this place called the Ancaster mill for brunch. Much like last nights festivities, it was a buffet setting brunch. It is all the finest foods cooked to perfection. 

I made Mallory a basket of little things I know she’d want/need. She likes thoughtful so I took the idea and ran with it hahaha it’s gift certificates for places she goes (nails, threading, Starbucks) , her favourite chocolate, traveling pillow, old cds of Britney Spears and Spice Girls and other random little things. She really loved it and was very vocal with her appreciation ☺️


Some of us had mimosas and others had Caesars (I think the Americans call them Bloody Mary) haha a few cheers for the birthday girl 


Afterwards we began our feast hahaha I tried to snap photos but it’s hard not to look like the crazy overly excited person when taking so many pictures. Here are the ones I could get.




This beautiful dessert section with the chocolate fountain is life changing 

And as for my plates…one could and would say that I’m as shameless as they come. So. Much. Food. I picked at  my mountain full dishes and  moved on to the next. 






So there we have it folks, big girl brunch on a Coachella diet. I’m the worst! It’s such a good thing I’ve made the gym part of my everyday.

We followed brunch with seeing Cinderella the movie in theatres. I never realized how much that movie dragged until today. I had way more patience as a kid than I do now hahaha Blah blah blah she marries the prince. So unrealistic. Anyway, I would say I had a successful Sunday funday! I have another birthday tomorrow. Most people would probably complain but I’m such a fun lover so I get excited every. Single. Time. 

Hope you had a lovely weekend! xx

6 thoughts on “Birthday brunch  🎈

  1. S, if you MUST post these unbelievable photos of incredible food… do it earlier in the evening when I’m not resting in bed thinking about how hungry I am… hahaha! Looks like y’all had a BLAST πŸ™‚ xoxoxx

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