Rest in peace 

I don’t normally write about religion but I wanted to take a moment to express how truly sad it is for the Assyrian community to have lost such a beautiful soul.

Mar Dinkha IV. The father of our nation, the voice of our people… May your humble and gentle soul rest in eternal paradise. You are gone but never forgotten. Your smile lit up the room and now your spirit will light up the sky.  Your wisdom, love and teachings in our minds and hearts will forever be carried. Our father, our teacher and our role model. We love you from the deepest of our souls. 

The Assyrian community has been so blessed to have had him leading our church. He is sitting next to our father in heaven. May he rest in peace. 

I also just wanted to quickly ask for any prayers that our people can get. It has been such a battle for Assyrians in the Middle East which has honestly kind of gone unnoticed. It breaks my heart that so many are hurting. It hurts even more because had my parents not moved when they did, it could have been me in the Middle East now fighting for my faith and my life. I know it sounds cheesy, but I do really wish we could all get a long. A world with compassion is one I want to live in. 

Here are a few words from the pope


4 thoughts on “Rest in peace 

  1. May him rest in peace. I’m from Turkey, and the loneliness of the minorities of my country has always touched my heart. Assyrians have a beautiful culture, and I’m sorry to hear about their loss.

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